Copper Water Bottle Benefits for Health

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Copper Water Bottle Benefits for Health - Advantages & Disadvantages

Hello, In this article we would be talking about Copper water Bottle Benefits for Health which surely will leave you in surprised.  Copper bottle has lots of advantages which has been described briefly in this article so go through the complete article and checkout all the benefits you can have with this.

Talking about the trends, have you ever noticed how some of the most successful trends are always derived from the old trends?  Copper utensils were used by our ancestors to drink water, store it and transport it over short distances. Now copper vessel are back again, specifically copper water bottle,  just wish it hadn’t taken so much time for them to make a come back.

Copper Water Bottle Benefits for Health Copper Water Bottle Benefits for Health

Our objective here is to spread awareness about the importance of drinking water from a copper water bottle or a copper utensil. We’ll learn how drinking water from a copper water bottle benefits us in the long run.

1] Weight Loss And Digestion:

The consequences of being overweight or being obese might not be as obvious as a bulging stomach but they are quite severe. We are here because we have acknowledged the consequences and we want to take actions to prevent them from ever occurring.

Drinking water from a copper water bottle has proven to aid weight loss. Copper has properties that purify the water by terminating the microorganisms, primarily, the harmful bacteria present in the water.

Apart from exchanging your plastic bottles for copper water bottles, all of you can benefit from drinking a glass of water stored in the copper bottle in the early morning. This will assist in proper waste elimination and improves metabolism.

It is also said to cure Stomach inflammation, ulcers, infections and indigestion.

2] Healthy skin:

There are multiple ways of getting healthy skin. You can make do with the various lotions, creams, and skin treatments but these are all artificial methods.

To have that much envied naturally glowing skin all you have to do is stay dehydrated. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.

So, what difference does drinking water from a copper water bottle make?

Not all water is pollution-free. We can get some of the top of the line purifiers and still be drinking polluted water for all we know. You might forget to change one of the filters and the rest is history.

Copper water bottle will kill the harmful bacteria present in the water and give you drinkable water. Copper aids the production of melanin and cells that help clear acne or skin blemishes found on your skin. It also keeps your face clear of wrinkles and fine lines that are symptoms of ageing.

Copper Water Bottle Benefits for Health

3] Anemia:

Anemia is the result of low red blood cells(RBC) in the blood. Iron is one of the minerals that facilitates the production of red blood cells.

Copper deficiency will have an adverse effect on the iron metabolism which will slow down the production of red blood cells, i.e.,  copper is necessary as it aids the transport of iron to the site of RBC production when your body doesn’t get enough copper it therefore stops the production of RBCs.

Most of you must have a diet plan that provides a sufficient amount of all the necessary vitamins and minerals to your body. But you must admit it doesn’t hurt to stay one step ahead of the disease. There are some of us who don’t follow a diet plan having a copper water bottle is definitely a plus.

4] Osteoporosis:

Osteoporosis is the root cause for weak and brittle bones. Statistics have shown that women are most likely to be affected by osteoporosis.

Loss of Bone Mineral Density is one of the primary facilitators of Osteoporosis. Various studies have observed that people on a copper rich diet have the best chance of keeping Osteoporosis at bay, as it has shown to reduce the loss of Bone Mass density, thereby giving you an opportunity to have stronger bones.

Keeping your body healthy should be the primary mission of your life. This involves having a well balanced diet that provides your body with the necessary vitamins and minerals. Vitamin and mineral deficiency can lead to consequences quite similar or even more severe than copper deficiency.

So, a drink from copper water bottle shall aid you in your journey to staying fit, hydrated, and glowing.

Now that you know how the drinking from the copper water bottle affects your body how are you going to take it?

Are you going to read it and keep it in your mind as a cautionary tale or are you going to actively take the step to check if you are getting the necessary nutrition. Consuming water from copper vessels in one of the simplest ways to keep yourself healthy.

Copper Water Bottle Benefits for HealthCopper Water Bottle Benefits for Health 


    How to use copper water bottle?

What is the first thing you do when you purchase a new bottle? Wash it. The first step is to wash the water bottle with regular water or you could clean it with lemon and water.

After you have washed the bottle fill it with  room temperature water. You can drink from it immediately but if you store the water in the bottle for 6 or 7 hours and then drink it, you’ll be getting the most out of it. As we have already discussed storing the in the copper water bottle purifies the water.

Fill the water bottle before sleeping and drink a glass water stored in that bottle after you wake up.

    How to clean copper water bottle?

The worst thing about a copper water bottle are stains on the outside. You can cover it up with water bottle covers. But let's not give up on keeping them clean yet okay?

So, you want to know how to clean copper jug at home? We’ll get right to it. Cleaning a copper utensil, let it be a jug or water bottle isn’t as hard as you might have thought.

Raise your hands if you have salt and lemon in your refrigerator. Create a paste of salt and lemon and apply it to the stains on your bottle, leave it on for 30 minutes and scrub it off.

Almost every  material required to clean your copper water bottle can be found in your refrigerator or pantry. Even ketchup can be used an alternative to the salt and lemon paste to shine your copper water bottle. Another item is baking soda it can be used to similarly clean the stains, paired with lemon juice it is even more effective.

Are there any disadvantages of drinking water from a copper vessel? If so, what are they?

This has to be the most frequently asked questions, what are the pros and cons of drinking copper water? Is consuming water from copper vessel harmful to health?

A word to the wise, do not hesitate in purchasing a branded copper water bottle. There are companies that try to mimic branded products but  they end up manufacturing cheap eroding bottles that might cause you more harm than good.

    Can we store hot water in copper vessel?

Can you store hot water in copper vessel? Yes, you can.

Should you store hot water in copper vessel? No, it wouldn’t be the correct use of your copper vessel.

Storing hot water in a thermos might keep it warm for a duration but storing hot water in copper vessel will definitely cause the hot water to absorb an excessive amount of copper.

Warning: Storing hot water in a copper vessel will lead to consumption of excessive (too much) copper absorbed by the hot water.

    Is drinking water in copper vessel during pregnancy a wise decision?

We cannot answer the question as it is yet to be supported by facts. There is no data to support that drinking water stored in a copper vessel can cause either adverse or positive effects in pregnant women.

We suggest that you avoid drinking water from any copper vessel during pregnancy. Be safe and consult a doctor if you are inclined to drink from the copper water bottle.

    Is drinking lemon water in copper vessel a wise decision? 

Let us answer your question by stating that it would be a bad decision. Cleaning the bottle with lemon is one necessary.

Storing and drinking lemon water from the bottle is harmful. Yes, it is as simple as that. It will make you nauseous.

    Should you be drinking water in copper vessel in morning?

Yes, in fact we have advised you to drink a glass of water stored in the copper water bottle various times now. It is just one of the ways to reap the copper water bottle benefits.

So this was all about  Copper Water Bottle Benefits for Health. I hope you would have enjoyed the article as much we did writing it for you. So surely this article would have given you correct idea about copper bottles advantage and disadvantages too. Also we had covered some of the trending faq questions which are frequently asked regarding the copper bottled around the web. Let us know if you have any questions related Copper Water Bottle Water Benefits for Health can comment down below.

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