How to become Indian Army Para officer like Vicky Kaushal in URI attack movie

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How to become Indian Army Para officer like Vicky Kaushal in URI attack movie - Indian Army

Hello Guys,  So watched URI attack movie which has been released recently on 11th Jan which will surely leave you with goosebumps with the badass action.  As we all are aware movie is about URI attack which Indian Army did on POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir)  and destroyed Pakistan terrorist where our brave Pata commandos of Indian Army accomplished the mission which was one of the best attack done by army as our Indian Army doesn't attack first so this was response to Pakistan for attack they had done on us. Surely this movie would have really inspired you to do same in your life so this article is complete info about how one can join para commando as an officer like vicky kaushal in URI attack this article will surely aware you how difficult is to join para commando officer.

How to become Indian Army Para officer like Vicky Kaushal in URI attack movie

How to become Indian Army Para officer like Vicky Kaushal in URI attack movie

How to become Para officer like Vicky Kaushal in URI attack movie

To Join Indian Para you need to be an Indian army aspirant. So there are various ways on how you can join army as an officer after your 12th ie through NDA by clearing written exams and going through interviews (SSB - one of the toughest but easy interviews where your personality is checked if you are deserved candidate to fit in Indian armed forces),  CDS - this exams you can write after graduation and same after clesring need to give SSB interviews and many direct entries which will help you to join army as an officer. To know more in details about all the entries which will fit for you can check the below article which tells more about all the entries in Indian army has an officer. 👮
Check all entries to join Indian army as an officer 

After joining Indian army its your decision if you want to go ahead to become a para commando officer. 

The Parachute Regiment consisting of PARA and PARA (SF) battalions are the special forces of Indian Army. Because of its specified role, the regiment needs to be kept at an optimum level of operational efficiency and physical fitness. Towards this end, this specially selected manpower should be comparatively young, physically fit and mentally robust, intelligent, innovative and highly motivated so as to successfully accomplish the assigned operational tasks.Para Commando's are the Forces which are called at the crucial time they are most toughest forces of Indian Army. Highly Physical Fit, Intelligent, Sharp, and focused towards their duty. So in this article we have covered all the details regarding how to become a Para Commando. Read the complete article below. Feel free to ask questions in below comments.

How to become Indian Army Para officer like Vicky Kaushal in URI attack movie

1. For gentlemen Cadets of IMA and OTA: Pre Commission. Volunteer GCs from IMA/OTA will be commissioned at the scale of two officers per battalion per year. These officers will be allotted a parent regiment by MS Branch.

2. For Officers serving in the Indian army [Post Commission] : Officers from all Arms and Services can volunteer for the Parachute Regiment subject to them having less than five years service on the day they volunteer, being in medical category SHAPE-I and being graded `EXCELLENT’ in BPET. These officers will retain their affiliated to their Regiment/Corps (as parent regiment).

How to become Indian army Para officer like Vicky Kaushal in URI attack movie: 

How to become Indian Army Para officer like Vicky Kaushal in URI attack movie

Officers will forward their application in duplicate to MS Branch (MS-2) duly countersigned by Commanding Officer with a recommendation of higher HQ (one up). The application of volunteer officers including those from AMC will NOT be withheld at any level, even though the officers in the chain may not recommend the same.

Probation Period During PARA Special Force Selection

1. All ranks (Officers and PBOR) Volunteering for the Parachute Regiment will undergo probation in respective units, as under
PARA Bns : 90 days
PARA (SF) Bns : 180 days to include continuation training.
2.All ranks who do not qualify in probation will be reverted to their parent regiment.

3. Parachute Jump Training. On successful completion of probation, all ranks will undergo Para Basic course at PTS, Air Force, Agra, on successful completion of which they will be permanently absorbed in the Parachute Regiment. All ranks who do not volunteer to jump will be reverted to their parent Regiments.

4. Permanent Absorption. On successful completion of probation, the PARA/ PARA (SF) battalions will take action for permanent absorption of the individual through Record Office, The Parachute Regiment. All individual documents will accordingly be forwarded by unit/Record Office concerned to the Parachute Regiment Record Office.


 Unsuitable for Parachute Duties. While serving in the PARA Regt, PBOR may be reverted to their parent Regts/ Corps through their Record Offices. Some of the reasons for an indl being found unsuitable for PARA/PARA (SF) duties are as under:

(a) Becomes a Non Parachute volunteer after completing five years of service in PARA/ PARA (SF) battalions.

(b) Becomes a permanent low medical category (LMC) and the strength of such LMC personnel exceeds 4% of the held strength.

(c) His return to the parent unit is justifiable in organizational interest under the provisions of AI 46/74 as under :-

(i) Physical deterioration through age.

(ii) Nerve strain.

(iii) Injury of such nature so as to make a man unfit for service as a Paratroooper.

 On return to Parent Unit. Individuals being returned to parent unit will retain the seniority of the last substantive rank. Individuals on return to parent unit will undergo promotion cadres in the parent unit. Passing promotion cadre in the PARA/PARA (SF) units does not exempt an individual from the unit promotion cadres. An individual is permitted to be tested three times for promotion to the next rank as per the orders on the subject. However, if an individual has appeared and passed his promotion cadre in PARA/PARA (SF) battalion, it will not be deemed as a chance when he returns to his parent unit.

 Disposal of LMCs. Due to the type of tasks being undertaken by PARA/PARA (SF) battalions, there is a likelihood of a higher percentage of individuals becoming permanent low medical categories. PARA/PARA (SF) units will remain permanent low medical categories (LMC) upto 4% of authorized strength, who may be adjusted in the unit in sheltered appointments, in PRTC and on ERE. Balance LMC personnel will be reverted to parent Arm/Corps.

So this was all about How to become Indian Army Para officer like Vicky Kaushal in URI attack movie. Hope you liked our article. So to be a part of Para is not a easy task you have to go through the toughest training have to bear the pain which will make you really tough, physically and mentally strong. They really makes us Indians Proud. For any questions regarding How to become Indian Army Para officer like Vicky Kaushal in URI attack movie kindly comment below.

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