CDS, AFCAT, NDA, TA 2018: GK Quiz

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CDS, AFCAT, NDA, TA 2018: GK Quiz

Hello readers, In this article CDS, AFCAT, NDA, TA 2018: GK Quiz we have given various practice questions for written exams. Candidates are requested to go through the questions below. For any questions in mind feel free to ask below in comments. Candidates go through the questions below and try to solve the as many of questions you are able to solve surely this will help you to enhance your confidence for the exams and will help you to score well.

CDS, AFCAT, NDA, TA 2018: GK Quiz

CDS, AFCAT, NDA, TA 2018: GK Quiz

CDS, AFCAT, NDA, TA 2018: GK Quiz

1. Whistling language of which of the following countries was recently included in the UNESCO list of Intangible Heritage?
A. Turkey
B. Austria
C. Russia
D. Finland


2. The new Rs. 10 currency notes being introduced by the RBI have the picture of which monument?
A. Sanchi Stupa
B.  Red Fort
C. Somnath Temple
D. Sun Temple


3. Which two countries play the cricket test series known as the Freedom Series?

A.  India and South Africa
 B. India and Pakistan
 C. India and England
 D. India and Australia


4. Where is the Jagadguru Rambhadracharya Handicapped University located?
A. Nashik
B. Jamshedpur
C. Chitrakoot
D.  Madurai


5. In which of these languages was the Prime Minister's official website launched on 01 January 2018?
A. Assamese and Bengali
B. Gujarati and Sindhi
C.  Assamese and Manipuri
D. Malayalayam and Tamil


6. The theme of the official emblem of West Bengal which has been designed by Ms. Mamta Banerjee and unveiled recently:

Answer: Biswa Bangla

7. The country which has decided to use the Chinese currency Yuan for its bilateral trade with China :

Answer: Pakistan

8.The venue of 105th Indian Science Congress to be held from Mar 18 to 22 (the event was originally scheduled at Osmania University in January 2018):

Answer: Manipur University, Imphal

8. Where are the headquarters of International Solar Alliance located?

A. Paris
B. Geneva
C. Gurugram
D. Dubai


9. Which State has decided to recognise political prisoners during emergency as Loktantra Senani?

A. Rajasthan
 B. Bihar
 C. Chhattisgarh
 D. Jharkhand


10. Which country recently handed over its port Hambantota to China on a lease for 99 years?

A. Seychelles
 B. Maldives
 C. Sri Lanka
 D. Myanmar

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Hope you liked our article for CDS, AFCAT, NDA, TA 2018: GK Quiz written exams questions and answers. Practice with such questions we will be updating daily with different sections practice questions. Any queries ask below in comments.

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