100+ Latest 2017 Group Discussion (GD) Topics for SSB

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100+ Latest  2017 Group Discussion {GD} Topics for SSB

Hello Friends, We got many messages, comments regarding latest Group Discussion GD Topics for SSB. GD plays a important role in SSB as its a major task in GTO series which shows a lot about you how much you are aware about the surroundings and also know about current affairs. So in this article we have discussed the Latest 2017 Group Discussion Topics for SSB which will help you for Indian Army, Air Force and Navy SSB's. So checkout the article and start preparing for the GD. Feel free to share your views in below comments. Aspirants who have been recently to SSB can also comment there GD topics so that it will be helpful for the other aspirants.

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Latest 2017 Group Discussion GD Topics for SSB

Latest 2017 Group Discussion Topics for SSB

Latest 2017 Group Discussion [GD] Topics for SSB

  1. Will Demonetization will play a good role in India.
  2. Do you think Corruption will decrease from Demonetization ?
  3. Are digital payments secure enough for the Indian economy to go cashless?
  4. Could Russian hacking be involved in precedential election 2016?
  5. How demonetization is affecting common people more than black money holders!
  6. Is India ready to go cashless?
  7. Mobile Wallet - Advantages and Disadvantages
  8. Bullet train or Better trains - What does India need?
  9. Should triple talaq be abolished from India?
  10. 7 reasons why India should not release the footage of surgical strikes.
  11. Will Donald Trump’s presidency be a bad news for women?
  12. Lokpal Bill.
  13. The Social Network – good or bad?
  14. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in retail – good or bad?
  15. Youth in politics
  16. Should we have exams?
  17. Should attendance be made compulsory in Engineering colleges?
  18. Is Indian culture decaying?
  19. Live-in relationship
  20. Love marriage vs arranged marriage
  21. Has democracy hampered India’s progress?
  22. Commercialization of health care.
  23. High oil prices – How to deal with?
  24. Is remixing music a good trend?
  25. Are MNCs better than Indian Companies?
  26. Will India become a superpower by 2025?
  27. Should educational qualification be made compulsory for politicians?
  28. Advertising.
  29. Privatization in India
  30. Impact of Valentine Day on our culture.
  31. Brain-Drain.
  32. Skilled manpower shortage in India
  33. Are space missions a wastage of resources for a country like India
  34. Every cloud has a silver lining
  35. Should Animals be used for testing drugs and medicines?
  36. Impact of movies on teenagers.
  37. Rules are made to be broken.
  38. Is Globalization really necessary?
  39. Is T-20 Cricket killing real cricketing skills?
  40. Should there be censorship on the media?
  41. Co-education – good or bad?
  42. Poverty in 3rd world countries is due to prosperity in 1st world countries
  43. Impact of western culture on India.
  44. Should we change our national game?
  45. Privatization of higher education.
  46. Eve-teasing – who is responsible?
  47. Do we need education to become successful?
  48. Is computerization causing unemployment?
  49. Should Internet be censored?
  50. Live-in relationship
  51. Love marriage vs Arranged marriage
  52. Vegetarianism
  53. Reservation in promotions.
  54. Are engineers doing MBA a national waste?
  55. Effect of computers on society
  56. Housewife vs working women
  57. Television – an idiot box or a useful resource?
  58. Should journalism be censored?
  59. Cloning of humans – is it ethical?
  60. Chinese goods vs Indian Goods
  61. Coke and Pepsi should be driven out of India.
  62. Naxalism.
  63.  Nuclear reactors in India
  64. Is it good to quit nuclear reactors in India like Germany.
  65.  Alternative source of energy other than nuclear reactors.
  66. Nuclear agreement with U.S.
  67.  Nuclear agreement with Russia.
  68. Does Nuclear head of Pakistan a threat to India
  69. World Peace.
  70.  Pros and Cons of Science.
  71.  Increase in technology increases life span of man’s life
  72.  Compulsory Army training.
  73.  33% reservation for Women.
  74.  Youth in politics 
  75.  Unemployment in India
  76.  Alternative source of fuel.
  77.  Role of press in India
  78.  Permanent seat in UNO for India
  79. Permanent seat in G8 for India
  80.  India the super power by Defense or Agriculture.
  81.  India in Space Research
  82.  Success rate of wind power and solar energy for power.
  83.  Computer and its pros and cons.
  84.  Internet and its pros and cons.
  85.  T-20 cricket changes the cricket style.
  86.  Which is best Test match of T-20
  87.  Important of Sex Education.
  88.  Common syllabus for School in India
  89.  Common Entrance test
  90.  Ragging in college good or bad.
  91.  Wearing helmet at road.
  92. Should India improve its defense technology or not.
  93. Who saves nation more Police or Army.
  94.  BPO jobs in India.
  95.  Love marriage or Arranged marriage.
  96.  Co-Education in India.
  97.  Number one state in India – The Gujarat.
  98.  Removing of Alcoholism is a revenue loss for India.
  99.  Government bars in states of India is good or bad.
  100.  Population of India.
  101.  Child growth is influenced by Friends, Teachers and Parents ?
  102. Joining of Rivers in India.
  103.  Construction of check dams to save river water is successful?
  104. Inflation Rate of economy in India.
  105. Quota system in India
  106.  Kashmir issue and LOC.
  107.  Terrorism.
  108.  Role of Communication in India.
  109.  Sports in India.
  110.  Hockey the national game.
  111.  Domination of cricket over hockey

So this was all about Latest 2017 Group Discussion GD Topics for SSB. Hope you liked them and start preparing for this topics as this would play a very important roe for your SSB as afar as your knowledge is checked. SO start looking regarding this topics on Google and collect the data. Feel free to share your views on Latest 2017 Group Discussion GD Topics for SSB in below comments.

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