Recommended for CDSE SSC (NT)-105 from 24 SSB Bangalore in 2nd Attempt

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Hello Friends, I got recommended from CDSE SSC (NT)-105 24 SSB BANGALORE IN MY SECOND ATTEMPT.

Before I start of with my experience at SSB I would like to say that recommended or not recommended you would have the most enjoyable 5 days of your life you get to meet people from different states make friends in those friends which who feel like you kno then from long back and establish a lasting relationship with then...and ultimately screeneave it in y..and shows you a mirror with the reflection of your personality...this was my second attempt through Cdse entry in my last ssb at Allahabad in the fifth day I was not recommended I didn't feel bad about it as I knew I did nothing right in that ...but because if that Non recommendation I could find myself where do I stand where I need to improve and worked on it for the next four months for my next ssb at Bangalore.

Recommended for CDSE SSC (NT)-105 from  24 SSB Bangalore in 2nd Attempt

Recommended for CDSE SSC (NT)-105 from 24 SSB Bangalore in 2nd Attempt

My reporting was on Nov 13 at Bangalore station before reaching the selection centre each one of the candidates met and get acquainted  with each other ,at the centre documents were verified and by 7 pm we were allotted rooms ..and we all had a nice sleep after the tiring day.

Day 1  

we had our screening day  obviously no one wants to go back home that day and so do I our stage 1 testing first we had verbal and nonverbal tests for which we got mere 54 minutes for 100 questions,,,the next was PPDT in which we were shown a picture of a doctor with two women and a body lying behind him..we all made our respective stories..and then we're divided into various groups my story was a different from my group mates ..but i was able to narrate the story within 30-40 sec ..and then the group discussion started on the story as everybody wants to initiate so do I ,,but obviously I didn't initiate it ,I spoke and justified my story once then when I found that other's stories were more compelling and good so I supported their story and spoke twice and then we came to a conclusion  and story was narrated by one of our group chest number was 35 in screening..then after lunch results were announced and 24 got screened in and 7 of them were from our group including me of course..

Day 2

We had our psychology testing TAT, WAT, SRT and SD.

In my last ssb I couldn't complete my dossier but in here tat was very easy wrote the very first story that came to my mind ,did all 12 tat ,all 60 WAT avoided suggestive and informative words and used all observatory words,did 45 SRT but all SRT's were with details and explanations..and SD was good as was able to complete with within 15 minutes did not use words like hard working , disciplined , cooperative instead gave examples how I'm cooperative of hardworking and for each section gave one drawback ...was happy how my psych went..some interviews were scheduled that day but not mine being chest no 19.
Day 3

We had our GTO day 1 we had our 1st GD on recent demonetization and Donald trump's election and its implications for India we chose the former ,the second GD was on cause of juvenile crimes and were given three leads for each gd our group was very good and each and every member was able to give at least 3 points without interference and making it a fish market...then we had our Group planning exercise where on a map we were shown problems and were required to write down our solutions and then have a gd on the same for 15 min it went well spoke twice in whole and gave practical solutions to the problems..after that we went for out group obstacle race and it was a very nice group effort we were shouting the war cry at the top of our voice and we are second In that.

Then we had our PGT wherein we had to cross four obstacles with increasing difficulty we were allotted 30 minutes we could only reach upto 3rd obstacle as  30 minutes were over I gave two ideas in my PGT..never went forward holding Balli and fatta or rassi I jumped in only when  group had any problem crossing it and was helping my team mates,then we Had our HGT where in our 8 member group were divided into 4 each it was very easy and our group of four were able to complete it within 4-5 minutes I gave two ideas in there .. that day itself we had our lecturette the topics were Israel and its development,opnc occult,religious fanaticism,and MNC vs Indigenous companies I chose religious fanaticism and was able to complete it within 3 minutes and with good points..

Recommended for CDSE SSC (NT)-105 from 24 SSB Bangalore in 2nd Attempt

After our GTO day 1 were were told that some of us have our interview and first was mine I was told to go in my GTO dress white shorts and t shirts and couldn't wear my well ironed formals which I brought for my interview was with the deputy President he was a Colonel,i  took a deep breath and entered the room asked him please may I come in sir as I entered he shook my hand and told me to sit comfortably...the first questions he asked me was where are you coming from I told him Delhi then he asked me train no ,the name of my train,the distance between Bangalore and Delhi and was asked to describe my journey...told him everything every detail ..then asked me rapid fire questions around 15-20 questions as I was answering in between he was asking counter questions I left some of the questions So I asked him sir have I left any of them questions.he then repeated the same I answered all then, then he asked me about my friends positive and negative about then about my parents positive and negative..when he asked me to say one negative thing about my mother I told him sir my mother is superstitious he asked why I told him sir she told me to wear a blue shirt in my interview and i have ended up here in white t-shirt and shorts .he then asked me what you would do now about that,i replied sir I will wear a blue shirt in my conference and hopefully I will get recommended to that he started laughing😜,

I was then asked about my daily routine what do I do for fitness I told him I run do push ups pull ups and burpees he asked me how many and ,as I m a political science graduate he asked me about Yemen crisis, Donald Trump's election and its implications for India,demonetization,Paris conference,and Mosul offensive,,,was comfortable with all questions and answered him confidently and with each and every detail..he asked me about my hobbies in my piq I wrote writing poetry and reading books and various articles of political and strategic interests...he asked me what kind of poetry I write in the language I write my first poetry .. then I was asked to tell him about the last book I have read..I told him Black flags -the rise of Isis which was this year's Pulitzer Non fiction winner..about the author and what it is about...then I was asked to tell the last three books I read before black flag's..I gave him the book names The accidental prime minister by Sanjay Baru,fighting to the end "the Pakistan army's way of war by Christine fair,and the Himalayan blunder by brig jp dalvi was asked about publications area and what all the books are about ...coincidentally the deputy President had read the Himalayan blunder and started asking questions about that answered all the he asked me when was the book banned and why then I was asked when the ban was lifted I didn't know so I told I don't know sir.. interview went about me why do I want to join the Army ..if not Army what and my positive and negative after that he called off my interview shook my hand and wished me luck for the remaining tests I was happy with how my interview went..

Day 4

We were left with individual obstacles command task and final group task ,individual obstacles were good completed in time ,and in my command task I was given a tricky obstacle and was given 15 min to cross it and was allowed to call for two subordinates and asked me why I want to call them i told that one is lightweight so he can Cross over the obstacle easily and other one is good in making knots so he would be helpful..I completed my command task in  5-6 minutes then the gto changed the color of one of the structures and I was able to tell him the alternate plan then he again changed it and I was able to give him a plan and he sent me back I was called by two members of my group as subordinates.

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We were then called in for the final group task it was a collective effort I gave three ideas in there and we were able to cross it easily..after that we were done for the day..

Day 5

The day of judgement the conference we were briefed ,in the morning we shaved put in our formal clothes  packed our bags and were ready  we were made to sit in the testing hall and one by one was called upon chest ni 18 went in his conference lasted about 30 sec and he came out I was next I was called within 1 minute after chest no 18 left we as asked about the best task I had and in what I could have done better I told the deputy President that my GTO was very good I enjoyed every bit of it and I could have done better in my psych as I hoped to do all 60  srt's ..then he asked me how many friends  I made in the ssb  then he asked me the places I visited in Bangalore and the final question was do you have any suggestions I said no he asked me the same question 3 more times I was consistent in my answer that everything was perfect sir couldn't ask for more no suggestions then I was told ok thank you Ashis..then I left and waited for results..deep inside I had that itution that I might make it ...the technical officer came and started with the announcement of results chest no 7 ,11,13,14,15 an guys at that point I had a feeling that no now he would say okay gentleman that's all thank you,,,but no then he announced chest no 19 I was dumbstruck  I shouted my name and date of birth and stood was a moment indescribable a moment never to be forgotten....then we were given bunch of form's to be filled and next day we had our medicals and I was declared medically fit at the end of it...

those 5 days I had the most amazing time with all the 24 screened in Candidates I believe that everyone had that in them and will surely crack the ssb soon...

I would just like to say that if you truly believe in achieving something and work hard for it it will surely come to you..I did not think of getting recommended in this SSB I just went there enjoyed every bit of it, I was hoping for the best and was prepared for the worst.

Work Hard..Dream do come true!.. 😊 Cheers!!!

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