Recommended for Indian Army in 2nd Attempt (SSC Tech Entry )

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Recommended for Indian Army in 2nd Attempt (SSC Tech Entry ) - Hello Friends, I am Md Aqthar and got recommended for Indian army through SSC 47 Tech Entry in my second attempt. SSB is not a competition with others, it's a competition with yourself and to what extent you can prove yourself. People don't just tell SSB is the most difficult interview and if you can clear it you have the skills to clear any interview. There is a reason behind it. First and foremost thing in this world is “ To be successful you must know yourself better than anyone “. Then comes planning of what and how things have to be done. Each personality is different, don't force the qualities which are not in you rather search for the smallest of the qualities and develop it to the fullest.

Recommended for Indian Army in 2nd Attempt (SSC Tech Entry )

Recommended for Indian Army in 2nd Attempt (SSC Tech Entry )

My journey started when I was in 12th. This was the time where I could give my first attempt to get into the armed forces. Like every small boy even I wanted to be a pilot, a fighter pilot. Seeing the armed forces pilot I had an interest towards the people in uniform from my childhood. The pride, respect which they carry was amazing. Though I was damn interested I never worked for it. I m an introvert but very observant , I adapt and learn things from others. The quieter you become ,the more you are able to hear.The more you hear the more you learn .Fast forward to engg. When I was in final year I got a call for UES 25. With full Josh that I would bag the recommendation this time I went to Bhopal 21 ssb. To my surprise I got screened out . when you exit the board a you’ll find a huge arch with ALWAYS A WINNER written. I stood there and was staring at it for 5 min. I decided that I will come back to the same place and will be a winner. I was really down so I decided instead of going to my house in Bangalore. I went to Chennai to build my morale. I sat at the beach, I looked at the waves continuously trying to reach the shore but it never makes it. It tries, tries and tries & never gives up. Finally when it reaches the shore it's in the form of tsunami. Next time I go to Bhopal I m taking this tsunami with me. I understood where I went wrong . I looked for what the screened in candidates have that I did't have. I realized my mistakes. I got a call for SSC TECH 47 again at Bhopal. Since Ramadan was going on and tickets weren’t confirmed I had no interest to go again . But the little fire in me made me go back . When I got down at Bhopal heavy rains started and it never seemed to end . Mind voice =” Tsunami ready to hit Bhopal “.

So, These are the things that helped me a lot to get recommended.


We were asked at report at 6 am. Close to 300 people reported we were given the OFFICER INTELLIGENCE TEST. This test is simple. Be very very fast you will have less time. Out of 80 try to score more than 60 this will help u further. After the two OIR TEST. We were divided into a group of 20 for the PPDT. The picture had a art as it looked like abstract. So i made a story of an artist who pursues his hobby from his childhood and his company for which he's working. His talent was useful for the company. I am not giving the whole story because there are people who write it the same way and this will cause them more harm than good.

Coming to the most important part is discussion. Even if you screw up everything, your good performance here can screen you in.

Recommended for Indian Army in 2nd Attempt (SSC Tech Entry )

The most important points:

1.Dont contribute to the fish market. Raise your voice once and ask the group to put points individually.

If they agree well and good else leave it.

2.Sit like a gentleman and listen to everyone's story keenly.

3. Be loud and clear. Be crisp with your story. Complete it before 30 seconds.

4. If you find a better story accept that and add in your points. Try to be a moderator. Try your best to gowith the groups interest and trust me you will be in.

So 40 cleared stage 1. We heard that previously 2 batches of SSC TECH were washed out and 3 more groups for other entry was also washed out. Bhopal started looking like Allahabad. This brought in a little fear but trust me people even if there are 1000 people and you have that quality in you. Those officers will surely pick u.


DON'T BLUFF. This is the skeleton for your interview. I had my interest in computers and have achieved quite a lot in the field of computers. So my PIQ was only glamorous in the extra curricular activities and leadership posts held. My sports column was empty and clean. My NCC even more cleaner. Even if you don't have anything. Don;t worry. Tell what constructive work you do during your free time. The IO will grill you but justify all your answers.


Report early morning for physc test. In physc test only quality matters not the quantity.

In TAT I Completed all 12 pictures. Tips for them would be

1. Observe the pic carefully and write a story which is related to the pic only.

2 . make short time goals and clear them than long time goals.

3. Most important try to link the stories with the qualities of your SD. Don't forcefully push the qualities in the story but if you see a way use it.


Make the words positive. Think positive. Be fast. I attempted all 60.


I did only 38 but gave quality response and completed everything.. Be positive and take immediate
actions in case of emergency. Be Adjustable , friendly, helpful. Put urself in the situation and solve them.


No one knows you better than you. Self introspection is the key. Be truthful, do show ur weak points
which can be improved and not negatives which cannot.


Our first task was group discussion. I just gave 2 to 3 valid points. Key here is let everyone speak. Don't be aggressive. If you have given a wrong point don't worry. Accept your mistake and go on. Go with the group. My performance was average in both the discussion.

Then came PGT make your presence felt with the ideas and get on ground and work. Every task has 3
ways to solve. Look at ur materials and think . The whole group worked out for the solution. Remember the task don't Matter. Your group matters. Don;t get angry at them. You give a workable solution but the group doesn't agree, its OK just go ahead with their idea. Don;t get frustrated. During our tasks it was raining heavily so everyone started slipping and the GTO Just saw our ideas and asked us to move forward. We went upto the 4th task with just 25% of the last task left.


Same as PGT but here you get more chance to prove yourself. I took initiative gave idea my friends
contributed equally and when I started walking on the plank I slipped and my forehead would have
directly hit the metal stumps but I put my hands in stumps and saved myself. GTO From then even more cautious didn't let us do any task but just accepted our ideas and asked us to move forward.


The most lively task. Here our war cry was Bahuballi and our group won the race. Here cheer ur
members. Help the weak members climb. These tasks are scary because if u fall ull surely get hurt. Take your whole group with you cheer them up constantly. Our group had come first but had violated a rule so he asked except for any 2 members others go repeat the task. Take this opportunity go and show ur stamina. Keep the morale of the group up.


Out of the 4 topics I choose the most difficult one religious fundamentalists. I could speak only for 2
minutes. But I had valid points for the cause and solutions. After I gave my last point it was just 2 min and I stopped awkwardly waited for 10 seconds no point hit me. Just told thank you & came back even before the first bell. I thought this is going to pull me down on my recommendation.


FIRST task was individual obstacles. I could complete only 6 but I never gave up from anything. The
balance walk I tried 3 times before succeeding as it was slippery. Commando walk was the most time
consuming and scary as it starts to wobble wen u move up . courage is not the absence of fear, it is
taking the step even though you fear taking it . Took a deep breath decided that no matter what
happens I will complete it. I showed courage & never give up attitude though I completed only 6 tasks.

Even Tarzan swing I attempted thrice. If you have done a mistake. Don't hesitate to accept it & repeat.


Give your solution properly and precisely with distance speed time calculations. Support ur points with valid reason. Don't get aggressive. Dont force yourself in the group but rather put in your points at the proper time and come to a common conclusion. I didn't conclude the story.


I got a task where ther was literally nothing but just 4 platforms. Heavy rains started and it wasn't
possible to hear anything. GTO Gave me a huge umbrella and told me that I could give briefing to my subordinates under the umbrella and then I can use it alone to give commands to my sub ordinates. I
threw my umbrella aside and started working with sub ordinates giving them command. The GTO
Insisted me on being with the umbrella again and again but I just gave him a big NO. As sir Chetwode said "The safety, honor and welfare of your country come first, always and every time".

The honour, welfare and comfort of the men you command come next.Your own ease, comfort and safety come last, always and every time.

Show this attitude while doing the tasks. Be calm and composed with your subordinates .Do not show your frustration at them.

Recommended for Indian Army in 2nd Attempt (SSC Tech Entry )


&Get out asshole &My friend who went to the deputy president for the interview had this comment on him just 10 min through the interview. When he started walking out he was called back asked to close the door and was royally screwed. My PI was with the board President and the damn word PRESIDENT scared the shit out of me. Though I was damn nervous I remembered the way Rajni walks for the song Neruppu da in kabali and I too started walking like that while entering the room. Unlike the deputy President the president made me feel very comfortable , he was a very good person .what matters here mostly is that you have to be truthful. They;re trained to find lies. Accept your mistakes know yourself better. Be cheerful. My interview went for 1 hour and it was really good. The president was really impressed with me. I was asked many gk & current affairs questions, most of them I couldn't answer.

Technical questions I explained everything in detail. 3/4 rapid fire rounds of more than 15 questions
each. I tried answering everything I remembered at that point .I did miss out a few questions .At one
point he made a pale expression and asked rapid fire question & at the end of all the question

BOOOOM I forgot all the questions. I fell for his trap. I felt so dumb .I Took my own sweet time tried to remember everything and then answered .

At the end of day 4 I realized I have committed many mistakes and the only way out is to accept my
mistake & tell them how I'll improve it. Day 4 night no one slept. We all shared our secrets and started singing songs translating them into English for our south friend.


Conference day with arround 12 officers with crisp and rich army uniform all looking at you and
president and deputy president shooting questions at you. Before I was called they took 15 min. I
realized I had my chances. When my number popped up. I entered and the first question asked by the
president was

President - What are your plans for today?

Me- It depends on the results.

P- Let's assume it's positive.

Me - Enjoy eid go out with friends and eat good food.

P- What is the special food on this day?

I was starving for tasty food from past 5 days, so the first thing which came to my mind was Biryani  .

M-.Sir biryani no no no kheer .I mean semiyan .

P- Who all are going out today ?

M- All my roommates and my group.

P- what if it's negative?

M-I know Where i made mistakes like lecturette interview rapid fire trap and individual obstacles. So

almost every where I have done mistakes and I will rectify it next time and Hit back hard.

He passes the ball to deputy president

DP- firstly Eid Mubarak. Are you angry with us that we didn't give you permission for your Eid prayers today.

M-In my head ( yes man why won't I. What a question) but of course I had to tell no.

DP - when do you get angry?

M- when people become unreasonable I get angry.

THEN Some normal questions and I left. I was confident that I would make it. But still there was a fear because the last two batches of tech was washed out and one batch had one recommendation. The officer started giving his speech and it seemed like batch washout but he started announcing chest numbers and 4 made it including me. This was the highest number of recommendation in a batch I guess. Last but not the least I would thank my group members for making those days so memorable.

Recommended for Indian Army in 2nd Attempt (SSC Tech Entry )

Especially the last night.

One important point. No one in this world is perfect or great, everyone has their own flaws and strengths . NO one I repeat NO ONE knows your mistakes better than you .Do not hesitate to accept your weakness. Admitting your weakness does not minimize your strengths it shows your courage .

Work on improving it . Guys you will know what all mistakes you would have made in the ssb. Make sure u don't give up till the conference. Accept your mistakes. Rectify it. If not for this time you will surely make it the next time. So don't give up. Happy landings.

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