Dress Code for Women Candidates at the SSB Interviews

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Dress Code for Women Candidates at the SSB Interviews

Hello aspirants, today in this article we will be discussing about Dress Code for Women Candidates at the SSB Interviews .This question would surely arise when you are preparing yourself to go for SSB that what dresses to wear for SSB interview. So aspirants you need to know that whether you are going for Army, Air Force or Navy any of this SSB you need to be very well dressed. As you would have heard of famous line "First impression is the last impression". 

Dress Code for Women Candidates at the SSB Interviews

Dress Code for Women Candidates at the SSB Interviews

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Dress Code for Women Candidates at the SSB Interviews

For Screening Test/Psychology test/Interviews/Conference Board:

When it comes to wear formal dresses girls mostly get confused. The reason is they could not decide whether to opt for western outfits or traditional Indian formals. So it is suggested to choose that style of dressing, in which you feel comfortable and confident. Keep at least two pairs of formal dress.

Formal Shirts-Pants/Trousers:

Choose plain light color formal shirts without any lines or boxes team up with dark shade formal trousers. You can choose white, sky blue, peach etc. these types of shades for shirts.

Indian Formals:

Indian Formals are the best dress you can have for your SSB interviews.You have two options under this.

1. Kurti-leggins: 
Choose light color simple plain kurta with dark color leggings. I will suggest cotton, stand collar and full sleeves kurti as this looks perfect.

2. Salwar-Kurta: 
Use plain cotton Salwar Kameez with plain dupatta. Avoid low-cut necklines. Prefer light pastel shades. Don’t use very designer or colorful clothes.


Choose low heel Bellies so that you feel comfortable. Opt for simple formal black/brown color bellies. It should be shiny so keep polish and brush as well.

For GTO Task:

White T-shirts (with color):
Carry two pair of white t-shirts with collars.

Lower/Track Pants:

Carry two pair of white lower/Track Pants. Sometimes they allow other colors for track pants too, but it is suggested that don’t take risk go for white color.

White Shoes/shocks:

White socks with either white sport shoes or white PT shoes in which you feel comfortable.


Be simple, avoid heavy makeup. If you want, go for very light makeup. You can wear simple and small single diamond/Perl earrings and a simple watch with formals. Don’t worry girls I am not talking about original diamonds or Perl, many duplicate options are easily available in market.
 Especially for GTO task it is suggested that don’t need to wear any jewelry not even earing or watch because lots of physical works need to do and some works will need to do in groups so it’s better to avoid all these.

Hair style:

Go for simple pony tail or bun or plates, according to your choice. Don’t allow baby hairs to come on forehead, clamp these well using plain black clips or black hairband. Avoid using colorful hair accessories stick to black only.
So this was all about Dress Code for Women Candidates at the SSB Interviews. Hope now you are aware with all the dressings you have to wear and when you have to wear at the SSB. Aspirants do check that they have kept all the important things to bring at the SSB mentioned in the call letters. For more SSB tips and guidance kindly subscribe to us through your email address or can follow us on Facebook. For any questions or queries regarding Dress Code for Women Candidates at the SSB Interviews comment below.

Good luck!!!!!

Thanks a lot for the article Shalinee Dutta!..

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