Important Battles Fought in India

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Important Battles Fought in India- Hello Aspirants, today we would be discussing regarding most valuable information which is most searchable among the candidates for their competitive exams for various posts . As GK section covers various topics in the exams so there are also many questions from this topic where many students get confuse for this topic. So we though of providing you with this valuable information for Important Battles Fought in India which will clear all your doubts. Go through the article below and read out all the battles fought in India.

Important battles fought in India

Important Battles Fought in India

Battle of Tarain (First) (1191) - This battle was fought at Tarain near Thaneswar. Prithviraj of Chauhan Dynasty defeated the Mohammad of Ghori.

Second Battle of Tarain (1192) - It was fought at same Tarain battlefield as in the first Tarain battle. This was fought by Mohammad Ghori against Prithvi Raj Chauhan. This time Prithvi Raj was defeated.

Battle of Khanwa(17-March-1527)- Rajputs under Rana of Mewar Rana Sanga, were defeated by Babur of Ferghana. Ranab Sanga was brutally wounded in the battlefield.

Battle of chausa (7-June-1539) - Sher shah defeated the mughals, but Humayun, the king
escaped by crossing over the river.

Battle of Kanauj or Billgram (17-May-1540) - Sher shah won against Humayun. Occupied only Agra city.

Battle of Panipat(5-November-1556) - Hem Chandra Vikramaditya (Hemu) was defeated by Mughals under Akbar.

Battle of Haldighati(1576) - This was started between Akbar and Rana of Mewar Pratap.
Mughals won. But Rana did not accept Mughal sovereignty.

First Carnatic War(1745–48) - This war was fought by British and French armies. French
occupied Madras, later returned it to British.

Second Carnatic War(1749–54) - French army under the of Duplex fought with British and British
won. In 1755 they made a provisional treaty.

Third Carnatic War(1756–63) - In 1758 French occupied Fort Saint David. But defeated at
Wandiwasi(1760). Britishers won.

Battle of Plassey(June-1757) - British Army under the command of Rober Clive fought with
Bengal Nawab Siraz-ud-daula and British won and Mir Jafar was made Nawab. Siraz-ud-daula was hanged.

Battle of Buxar(1764) - British army under the command of Major Manri defeated the
combined army of Mir Kasim nawab of Bengal, Shuja-ud-daulah nawab of Awadh, Sha Alam, Mughal emperor.

History of Important battles and wars in India

Battle of Hydaspes (326 B.C)— The Paurava king Porus was defeated by Alexander the Great.But the valour of Porus impressed Alexander and he returned his kingdom to him.

Battle of Kalinga (261 B.C)— Ashoka defeated Kalinga king.After this war Ashoka embraced Buddhism and preached it during the rest of his life.

Battle of Chhandwar (1194 A.D)-Mohammed Ghori defeated Jayachandra of Kannauj.

First Battle of Panipat (1526 A.D)—Babur (Mughal Dynasty) defeated Ibrahim Lodhi.

Battle of Talikota (1564- 65 AD)— Alliance between Bijapur, Bidar, Ahmednagar and Golkonda under Hussain Nizam Shah defeated Ram Raja of Vijayanagar Empire.

First Anglo-Mysore War (1767–1769) —Between the Sultanate of Mysore and the East India Company. British were defeated.

First Anglo-Maratha War (1775–1782 A.D)- Fought between the British East India Company and Maratha Empire in India.Maratha defeated English forces ended with Treaty of Salbai.All the territories occupied by the British after the treaty of Purandar were given back to the Marathas.

Second Anglo-Mysore War (1780 A.D)— Alliance between Haider Ali, the Nizam and the marathas was formed. They defeated the English.Hyder Ali became the master of Carnatic.

Third Anglo-Mysore War (1790- 92 A.D)—Fought between the English and Tipu Sultan (Son of Hyder Ali). Tipu Sultan was compelled to sign the Treaty of Seringapatam.

Fourth Anglo-Mysore War (1799 A.D)— The British forces (Under Arthur Wellesley) defeated and killed Tipu Sultan.

Second Anglo-Maratha War (1803-1805 A.D)—Fought between English and the Marathas.British defeated Marathas and annexed Tanjore, Surat and Carnatic.

Third Anglo-Maratha War (1817–1818 A.D)- Fought between English (Governor General Hastings) and the Marathas.British defeated Marathas.Formal end of the Maratha empire

First Anglo-Burmese War (1824–1826) Fought between English East India Company and Burma.Ended in a British East India Company victory.

First Anglo-Afghan war (1839-42 A.D)- British defeated Afghan ruler Dost Mohammad.

Battle of Cheelianwala (1849 A.D)— English East India Company under Lord Hugh Gough defeated the Sikhs (under Sher Singh).

So this was all about Important Battles Fought in India . Hope you find this article informative and helpful for your exams. Keep following us for more such article. For any questions regarding Important Battles Fought in India feel free to ask below in comments

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