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Hello readers, In this article History Quiz:  we have given various practice questions for written exams. Candidates are requested to go through the questions below. For any questions in mind feel free to ask below in comments.

History Quiz:

History Quiz: CDS and AFCAT

1. During whose tenure as the Viceroy of India were the great martyrs Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev hanged?

(a) Lord Curzon
(b) Lord Irwin
(c) Lord Minto
(d) Lord Chelmsford

2. Who among the following was elected as the President of All-India Khilafat Conference met at Delhi in November, 1919?

(a) Motilal Nehru
(b) Mahatma Gandhi
(c) M.A. Jinnah
(d) Shaukat Ali

3. Who among the following was NOT a member of the Cabinet Mission?

(a) Sir Stafford Cripps
(b) A. V. Alexander
(c) Redcliff
(d) Pethwick Lawrence

4. When Lord Mountbatten became the first Governor General of free India, who among the following became the Governor General for Pakistan?

(a) Lord Mountbatten
(b) M.A. Jinnah
(c) Liaquat Ali Khan
(d) Shaukat Ali

5. Where was Azad Hind Fauj set up?

(a) Japan
(b) Burma
(c) Singapore
(d) England

6. The famous INA trails took place in the Red Fort, Delhi in____

(a) 1945
(b) 1946
(c) 1944
(d) 1947

7. Who among the following wrote the book ‘A nation in the making’?

(a) Dinbandhu Mitra
(b) Bal Gangadhar Tilak
(c) Surendra Nath Banerjee
(d) Subhash Chandra Bose

8. Consider the following events____

1. Gandhi-Irwin Pact
2. First Round Table Conference
3. Simon Commission
4. Poona Pact

The correct chronological order of these event is__¬_
(a) 1-4-3-2
(b) 2-1-3-4
(c) 3-2-1-4
(d) 2-3-1-4

9. Which one of the following chronological orders of the given event is correct?

(a) The Civil Disobedience Movement-The Cripps Mission-The Cabinet Mission’s Plan
(b) The Cripps Mission-The Civil Disobedience Movement-The Cabinet Mission’s Plan
(c) The Cripps Mission-The Cabinet Mission’s Plan___The Civil Disobedience Movement
(d) The Civil Disobedience Movement-The Cabinet Mission’s Plan-The Cripps Mission

10. For which one of the following movements did Mahatma Gandhi give the slogan ‘Do or Die’?

(a) Kheda Satyagraha
(b) Non-Co-Operation Movement
(c) Civil Disobedience Movement
(d) Quit India Movement


1. B

2. B

3. C

4. B

5. C

6. B

7. C

8. C

9. A

10. D
Hope you liked our article for History Quiz: written exams questions and answers. Practice with such questions we will be updating daily with different sections practice questions. Any queries ask below in comments.

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