Building Self-Confidence for SSB Interviews

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Building Self-Confidence for SSB Interviews

Hello Aspirants, today we would be talking about building Self Confidence for SSB Interviews an important factor which is a must in our day to day life as well as in the SSB which is also one of the OLQ's to become an officer. We have listened many times that confident people are successful in life but how they are confident about themselves we didn't thought about it even though they don't has a vast knowledge about the subject yes that s the reason Confidence plays an important role to be successful in life and surely will help you to make your dreams come true.. So go through the article and checkout the tips on building Self-Confidence for SSB Interviews. For any questions feel free to ask below in comments.

Building Self-Confidence for SSB Interviews

Building Self-Confidence for SSB Interviews

Confident people inspire confidence in others: their audience, their peers, their bosses, their customers, and their friends. And gaining the confidence of others is one of the key ways in which a self-confident person finds success.

As we know SSB is for the selection of Officers for Indian armed forces so an officer is one who leads in the battle so he has to be confident regarding any rules or orders given to him so the candidates has to be confident about himself if he wants to be an officer in Indian armed forces.

Building Self-Confidence for SSB Interviews

So if you think self confidence can be builded in a day or its a thing you can buy online from a store ?
Then we have a bad news that is there’s no quick fix, or five-minute solution to get self confidence for the SSB interviews.

The good news is that becoming more confident is readily achievable, just as long as you have the focus and determination to carry things through. And what’s even better is that the things you’ll do to build your self-confidence will also build success – after all, your confidence will come from real, solid achievement. No-one can take this away from you!

So we have some amazing tips for you which will surely help you to build your self confidence for your SSB interviews. Checkout below the steps which will surely help you to build self confidence and help you to fulfill your goals.

Step 1: Prepare for your Journey
The first step involves getting yourself ready for your journey to self-confidence. You need to take stock of where you are, think about where you want to go, get yourself in the right mindset for your journey, and commit yourself to starting it and staying with it.

Step 2: Look what you've achieved already
 Think about your life so far, and list the ten best things you've achieved in an "Achievement Log." Perhaps you came top in an important test or exam, played a key role in an important team, played any sport,was a class monitor in school, helped your friend/brother/sister in projects and she could win it, helped a poor person, did something that made a key difference in someone else life or any small thing which make you feel that you have achieved something in life which will help you to build your self confidence

Step 3: Think About Your Strengths

Next,Looking at your Achievements, and reflecting on your recent life, think about what your friends would consider to be your strengths and weaknesses. From these, think about the opportunities and threats you face.And what are your strengths which had helped you to do great things in life and your friends/parents/teachers love you for that

Make sure that you enjoy a few minutes reflecting on your strengths!

Step 4: Think About What's Important to You, and Where you Want to Go

Next, think about the things that are really important to you, and what you want to achieve with your life. This will help you to show dedication to your goals and will help you to achieve them this will show how badly you want them in your life.

Setting and achieving goals is a key part of this, and real confidence comes from this. Goal setting is the process you use to set yourself targets, and measure your successful hitting of those targets.

There's a dialogue from a bollywood movie Om Shanti Om which says "Agar Kisi Chiz ko Sache Dil se Chaho, toh saari Kaynat tumai usse milane mai lag jaati hai.. agar ye sach hai toh picture abhi baki hai mere dost".. Isn't it motivating ?

Step 5: Start Managing your Mind

This will play a important role in building your confidence level it is your mind who has to be trained for what to neglect and what to take in it.At this stage, you need to start managing your mind. Learn to pick up and defeat the negative self-talk which can destroy your confidence. Doing this will make your thoughts positive which is very much essential for SSB interviews and in the same way will help to build your confidence level.

Step 6: And Then Commit Yourself to Success!

So this is the last step which will be helping to build your confidence.The final part of preparing for the journey is to make a clear and leaving no doubt and promise to yourself that you are absolutely committed to your journey, and that you will do all in your power to achieve it.

If as you’re doing it, you find doubts or difficulties starting to surface, write them down and challenge them calmly and rationally. If you have some problems regarding them or confusions ask your parents regarding it or simply Google it. However if they are based on genuine risks, make sure you set additional goals to manage these appropriately. Don't think about the failure its the part of life which will help you to get success. If you tries for your dreams you would either Pass or you will learn and this will help you to achieve success in your next attempt.

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So this was all about Building Self-Confidence for SSB Interviews. Hope you liked our article. We tried our best to keep it simple and understandable for our readers. Hope you would have enjoyed reading the article. Follow this steps which will surely help you for your SSB interviews. Keep following us for more SSB guidance. Follow us on Facebook for regular updates. Feel free to share your views below in comments regarding Building Self-Confidence for SSB Interviews. 

Good luck!!!!

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