AFCAT 1 2016 GK Section Questions Answers

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Hello Aspirants, We got many messages regarding the AFCAT 1 2016 questions which were asked in the exams and the answers to them. SO we decided to post a article on GK questions which were asked in the afcat exams which was recently held on 21st February 2016. You may check out the article and go through the article and check the answers for the questions which was asked in the exams. For any questions kindly comment below.

AFCAT 1 2016 GK Section Questions Answers

AFCAT 1 2016 GK Section Questions Answers

Below we have listed few questions of General knowledge section which we could recall and share it with our readers kindly go through the questions below and check the answers which you answered in the written exam. Check below.

1. Enzymes are ?

Ans. Proteins

2. First Delhi sultan


3. Rajya Sabha members retire after ?

Ans. It's a permanent body

4. Sania Nehwal lost the match in which country ?


5. Which movie got the lotus award recently ?

Ans. Court

6. Which Indian person got France highest gallantry award ?

Ans. Yashwant Sinha

7. Which bowlers ball hit the Australian batman Phillip Hughes ?

Ans. Sean Abbott

8. How the current is converted from AC to DC ?

Ans. Rectifier

9. Which of the following helps in  transport of oxygen in the body  

Ans. Hemoglobin

10. Gandhiji launched the slogan of Do or die in 

Ans. Quit India Movement

11. Gyanpeeth award for 2015 was awarded to 

Ans. Bhalchandra Nemade

12. Legion of honour was conferred to 

Ans. Yashwant Sinha

13. Mughals-Maratha conflict stated in the reign of

Ans. Aurangzeb

14. The force of gravity between moon and earth is 

Ans. one-fourth

15. India has purchases aircraft Embrarer from

Ans. Brazil

16. Lunar eclipse occurs on every 

Ans. New moon

17. How many degrees are there in one minute. 

Ans. 4 minutes = 1 degree

18. Which of the Harrapan site is present in Kutch- 

Ans. "Lothal".

19. Chairman of Nepal constitution assembly- 

Ans. Subhash Chandra Nemwang.

20. Operation during Nepal earthquake ?

Ans. Operation Maitri

So this was all about AFCAT 1 2016 GK Section Questions Answers. Hope you would have recall your answers which you answered in the exam. Kindly share this article with friends if you found it helpful. Keep following us for more updates on AFCAT 1 2016 results. Feel free to share your views below in comments. If you could recall any more questions which we have left out kindly share below in comments. 

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