SSB Interview Questions and Answers

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Hello Aspirants, today we would be talking about the SSB Interview Questions and Answers. Mainly SSB testing is divided in three stages Physiology, GTO and Personal Interviews. And the candidate have to pass in all these three tests of SSB. Personal interview is generally on the 3rd or 4th day after the GTO tasks. Each test plays an important role for your selection which tells a lot about you. So the most best thing about Personal interviews is here you will be facing the Interviewing officer and you have to express in words the reason behind joining the armed forces. All the rest tests you are been judged on your performance in written tests and on the grounds but in interviews you are been judged how honest and confident you are towards your goals. So in this article we have in details given the SSB interviews questions which are asked by the IO in the interviews. Candidates can go through the article and read the questions and try to prepare yourself for the questions.

SSB Interview Questions and Answers

SSB Interview Questions and Answers

Generally SSB interviews are fully based on your PIQ form. What ever details you have filled in the forms are asked by the IO to conform how well you are confident and honest with your answers. The PIQ consists of your Personal details, Education qualification, about your family, academics, hobbies, extra achievements and about your previous entries for SSB. So IO just asks you what you have written in the PIQ form he would try to confuse you but you should be confident. Check below some of the questions asked in the SSB interviews.

Download - PIQ Form

 SSB Interview Questions and Answers
  1. What is your name ? Meaning of your name ? From where you are coming ? Tell me 3 good things you like about your place and 3 bad things you don't about your place ? How did you reach here ? What was the distance ? How much time it took to reach here ? Tell me something about the city (where your SSB is held) ? what is the population ? what is the temperature in summer or winter ? What are you currently doing ? Is this is your first SSB ? How did you prepared for SSB ? Did you took coaching ? Where you went wrong in your last SSB ? How you overcome for it this time ?
  2. Family: How many members are there in your family ? What does your father and mother do ? What is the salary they are earning ? About your siblings ? What is he doing ? To whom you are closer Mother of father ? If you have problems to whom you talk to ? How you help your father in his work ? How you help your mother ?  How you help your brother/sister in studies ? Do you do any household works ? How you spend your time with your family ? How you celebrate your festivals ?
  3. Education: Starting with your 10th till the last education qualification you are having tell about your qualification name, school/college name, Year of Passing, subjects you studied, tell me your class teacher name, What was your percentage, Did you attend the school/college or was a distance education ? Why there is low marks in 12th class ? What is the reason ?Describe in brief ?
  4.  Teachers: Which is your favorite teachers ?  What are their names ?Why they are your favorite teacher ? About them in description ? How they helped you in academics ?What are the best qualities you like about them ? How they motivated you in life ? Are you still on contacts with them ?
  5. Employed: Where are you working ? What is the salary are you getting ? Who is the owner of the company ? Who is your project leader ? Who sits beside you ? How many friends you made in your company ? How you spend your salary ? 
  6. Friends: How many friends you have ? What are the names ? What they do ? How you meet them ? How you spend your time with them ? Why are they your friends ? How they help you ? How you help them ? Describe about their qualities which you like the most ? What are their achievements ? What are their hobbies ? Do you have a Girlfriend/ Boyfriend? If yes, When did you meet her/him ? What is he/she doing ? Why you liked him/her ? How he/she helps you ? If not, Why you don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend ? What is the reason you don't like girls/boys ?
  7. Extra curricular activities: Do you have any achievements in your school/college ? Did you won any prize ? Describe about the activity you did ? How it helped you in your life ?
  8. Hobbies:  What are your hobbies or interests ? How you pass your free time ? Describe about it ? Few questions about your hobbies it may be history about it, measurements, some records, any famous personality playing it doing it, What made you do it ? How it helps you in your life ? Which books you read ? who is the author ? Do you read newspaper ? when was the newspaper started ? Who is the editor of the paper ? what is written on the logo of the newspaper ? where is the newspaper printed ? when was the newspapers started ? tell the template of newspaper ? which movie you watched recently ? which sport you play ?what is the measurement of ground ? who is your favorite player ? what is the weight of ball ? what is the weight of bat ? how many players play the sport (For every questions the IO would ask about it in details so be ready with the details about your hobbies you will answer)
  9. Did you took any responsibility work in your academics ? Describe about it ?
  10. Tell 5 Inter-National and National Political news 
  11. Tell me 5 Sports news
  12. Tell me about the recent current affairs took place in India 
  13. Some questions on your education background
  14. Why do you want to join Indian armed forces ? (Most Important Question)
  15. If going for Other entries,Why you didn't tried for NDA entries ? 
  16. What do you know about Indian army, air force, navy ?(which ever SSB your are going for)
  17. Who is the general of India army, navy and air force 
  18. What are the ranks of Indian army, air force and navy
  19.  If not defense then which career would you choose and why ?
  20. What motivated you to join Indian armed forces ?
  21. How would you organize football match, even, birthday party etc (Check leadership quality) 
  22. What are your strengths ?
  23. What are your weakness and how are you overcoming them ?
  24. So I have asked you many questions ? Do you have any questions to ask ? 

    How to answer the Questions in SSB  

    1. What ever you will answer tell in brief with proper explanations. You are given the chance to express yourself so make the most of it.
    2. Only answer to the questions asked by the IO.
    3. Answer the same answers which you have filled in the PIQ form with exact percentage you got (Eg. 87.68% ) 
    4. Speak confidently, loudly, and with proper stops to take breath. Keep smiling face while answering to the IO.
    5. Always keep a eye contact with the IO while answering the questions.  
    6. Do try to tell a lie to the IO your hesitation could easily be traced. Give proper description to your answers wherever necessary.
       So this was all about SSB Interview Questions and Answers 2016. Hope aspirants would have liked our article. We have covered all the details questions asked in the SSB interview. Aspirants need to prepare themselves for the personal interviews. If you have been asked with some other questions do comment below. Aspirants keep following us for more articles on SSB guidance. Feel free to ask questions or queries regarding SSB Interview Questions and Answers.

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