Major reasons of screen out (Not Recommended) from SSB

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Major reasons of screen out (Not Recommended) from SSB 

Hello Aspirants, today in this article we have explained in details Major reasons of screen out (not recommended) for SSB. This is the question which many aspirants ask who have been screen out from SSB in the very first day they are confuse what was the reason that they could not make it to be screen in like others who speak very less but have cleared stage I of SSB testing and you were active in the group but couldn't clear screening. So in this article we have explained the reasons exactly where you went wrong for SSB and was the main reason for your non recommendations in Stage I testing. For any questions or queries feel free to ask below in comments.

Major reasons of screen out (Not Recommended) from SSB

Major reasons of screen out (Not Recommended) from SSB

Candidates generally are screen out from stage I even after so much of preparations of stories and taking guidance from SSB coaching. You often thing about the reason which was the main purpose you were not screen In. And the most important thing you are never told why you were not recommended for the screening. And the answer for this question you won't get any where we have met many officers to get this answers for you and reading about SSB. What exactly is seen in candidate at the SSB. What is the actual need they want in a candidate to be an armed forces officer.

Major reasons of screen out (Not Recommended) from SSB 

Inspite of giving your best at the SSB interviews you could not make it for the Stage II testing the main reasons for your not recommendations are discussed below in details. kindly go through them and try to check where you went wrong in SSB testing. And do give your feedback for this article in the below comments.

The reasons for your screen out or not recommended are as follows:

Major reasons of screen out (Stage I) from SSB

1. Low assimilation Skills:

Rejection is due to the low assimilation skills in a candidate seen. He does not  have a clear idea of what he has seen in a picture or he has written in a story.

2. Poor Communication Skills both verbal and non-verbal:

Poor communication skills in both verbal as well as non verbal it means he could not explained his views clearly what he wanted to say exactly as he had poor communication skills. If a candidate is unable to express himself in the SSB how can he express his views in the future so this is the main factor that the candidate should be able to express himself at the SSB.

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3. Negativity:

Somewhere negativity is seen from his stories they way he has prescribed the story from the given picture. He thinks more in negative manner to the given situation. That is the reason its always said to be Positive think positive in every situation of life which will help you to motivate yourself as well as your team.

4. Preconceived notions/ Wrong Coaching:

This is the main reason why mainly many candidate are rejected from the screening (stage I ) and are not not recommended. Many aspirants try to mug up or learn the stories which are been taught in the coaching centres and also carry the wrong attitude during their SSB that this way they can make through the SSB, but the assessors are not fools they can easily make out from your story that you have learn them and written the same way as the learning of stories stops the flexibility of your mind you don't imagine beyond that which makes the reason of your rejection for SSB.

5. Low IQ:

It is the most important thing which is seen in a candidate to get recommended for SSB. If the candidate has low IQ that is it is of two types basic intelligence VS Effective intelligence. Basic is which you solve in your OIR (Officer's intelligence testing) and the effective is which is the practical intelligence which you show during your stories, GTO, Psychology and interviews at the SSB. It the candidate lack in this it becomes your rejection from SSB.

6. Lack of basic analytical abilities:

If the candidate lacks in the basic analytical abilities where he cannot understand basic guidelines or the information given from the SSB and try to give his own which he has learn from somewhere and you cannot reach to the point will surely affect your performance and can be a reason for your rejection too.

7. Poor Time Management:

 Poor time management means that you cannot complete your OIR test (verbal and non verbal), your Story writing and also the story narration in the group discussion in the given time can be a main reason for your not recommendations at the SSB.

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8. Poor Perception of Numbers, Figures and Gender:

This is the other method where candidate are judged in PPDT and can also screened out as they try to fool SSB by writing their own story and can't see what was shown in the picture the number of people shown and the gender. Many times the picture shows has a male person and people end up making a story on a female which clearly shows you have written your own story which you learn. This is not the test of learning the answers and writing you should write what you seen in the picture.

9. Lack of Imagination:

This is the last and the most important factor why you are screen out as you lack in your imagination when you are shown the story in PPDT ant what you perceived tells everything about you and what you don't shows you have a lack of imagination you cannot see what the image says and you could have written in the story.

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So aspirants this was all about the Major reasons of screen out (Not Recommended) from SSB. Hope you liked our article this was the main question which each and every candidates want to know why he was not recommended at the SSB and was screen out in the stage I testing. We tried our best to collect the information and share it with you. Share your feedback on this article in below comments or you can also ask questions regarding Major reasons of screen out (Not Recommended) from SSB.

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