IBPS PO and Clerk Salary

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 IBPS PO and Clerk Salary

Many of you are curious to know the salary which is offered by IBPS bank to clerk and PO posts. So in this article we have explained in details regarding what is the salary of IBPS clerks and PO. So you may read the complete article and know about the pay scale according to their posts and their working locations as salary are paid according to the area where the employee his been working. so to know more go through the article. For any questions or queries feel free to ask below in comments.

 IBPS PO and Clerk Salary

IBPS is the largest public sector bank in India. Working in  IBPS is like working with market leader among banks. This article talks about the salary of employees working in  IBPS. Scroll down to know more about the salary in  IBPS according to the designation, experience, city, certification, skill and industry.”

 IBPS PO and Clerk Salary

IBPS PO and Clerk Salary

The salaries of the IBPS bank Clerk and PO according to the latest 2016, 7th Pay commission would be amazing with increased in the allowances too. State bank of India offers the salaries which is the best salary to his employee around the country as it is the leading government sector bank of India with all the benefits and allowances to which it makes the best bank of India which keeps its employees happy with different allowances and all the benefits. IBPS bank each year recruits around 50 thousands candidates for the job and help them to make their career by giving appropriate salaries. The employees working in IBPS bank are given paid leave payments, medical allowances, loan facilities, traveling allowances, cellphone allowances and many more and all this increases with the salary when there is increase in the experience of the candidate.

IBPS PO (Probationary Officer) Salary

Candidates who have successfully cleared thee exams and interviews and selected for the posts of PO in IBPS banks have a very amazing opportunities for the career growth and the promotions according to your experience in bank. On joining for the PO posts in the bank their are various promotions for the posts like PO - Assistant Manager – MM2 – MM3 – SM4 – AGM – DGM – GM – CGM – JMD – MD – Chairman. A PO in IBPS bank gets amazing salary package as he has many important authorities of the bank to handle and so he has given good salary package. The salary of PO varies on his job location and the experience he his handling. According to the latest 2016 7th Pay commission the basic pay of IBPS bank PO is ₹ 41,877/-. There are also various allowances which he enjoys like traveling, Medical, HRA, LFC/HT, Loan facilities and many more. Also he can earn CTC 8 Lakhs per annum.

IBPS Clerk Salary

 IBPS bank offers amazing salary to his employees for their career growth in the bank clerk. Bank clerk is the best post to enter into the bank sector by cracking the exams and interviews and you may start your banking career as a central government employee.Bank clerks get many chances to become officers too by giving exams from the bank and you may get a chance for the promotions for officers in bank.The promotions of the bank clerk is according to the quality of work and the interview given by the candidate.  IBPS provides good salary to its bank clerk too and it also depends on the job location and the experience he his handling. According to the latest 2016, 7th Pay commission  IBPS Clerk salary is around  ₹17,000/- to  ₹ 20,000/- And bank clerk also gets the allowances for traveling, Medical, HRA, Loan facilities and many more.

    Job Title                                    Average Salary Range in Lakhs
  • Account Manager                                         16,49,850 INR
  • Account Assistant                                         6,48,200 INR
  • Accountant                                                   7,83,040 INR
  • Assistant Manager (Customer Service)        8,84,500 INR
  • Assistant Branch Manager (Banking)           7,72,430 INR
  • Bank Officer                                                 10,54,770 INR
  • Bank Clerk                                                    4,28,468 INR
  • Bank Manager                                               9,60,000 INR
  • Certified Financial Planner                           7,33,900 INR
  • Branch Manager (Banking)                          10,85,000 INR
  • Credit Analyst                                               10,73,740 INR
  • Credit Manager                                             11,05,800 INR
  • Clerical Assistant                                           3,84,250 INR
  • Office Assistant                                             3,60,000 INR
  • Front Desk Clerk                                           502,020 INR
  • General Manager (Operations)                     28,41,500 INR
  • Office Clerk (General)                                  3,37,900 INR
  • Systems Manager (IT)                                  5,87,866 INR
  • Probationary Officer                                     5,44,700 INR
 City Wise Salary
                  City                              Average Salary in Lakhs
  • Mumbai (Maharashtra)                5,74,409 INR
  • New Delhi                                    6,83,958 INR
  • Mumbai Metro (Maharashtra)     4,36,830 INR
  • Bangalore (Karnataka)                 6,02,192 INR
  • Chennai (Tamil Nadu)                  6,89,671 INR
  • Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh)       4,20,000 INR
  • Kolkata (West Bengal)                  4,47,225 INR
  • Delhi (NCR)                                  3,98,517 INR 
 State Wise Salary
                  State                   Average Salary in Lakhs
  • West Bengal                         4,60,877 INR
  • Tamil Nadu                           3,66,764 INR
  • Maharashtra                          5,77,622 INR
  • Delhi                                     6,32,983 INR
  • Karnataka                             4,54,350 INR
  • Andhra Pradesh                    4,81,002 INR
  • Uttar Pradesh                        4,72,083 INR 
  About IBPS bank:

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) is an autonomous agency in India, which started its operation in 1975 as Personnel Selection Services (PSS). In 1984, IBPS became an independent entity at the behest of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Public Sector Banks. IBPS is envisioned as self-governed academic and research oriented Institute, with a mission of enhancing human-resource development through personnel assessment. In 2011, IBPS announced a Common Written Examination (CWE) for the selection Officers and Clerks in Indian banks. IBPS CWE is now mandatory for anyone who seeks an employment in 29 public sector and Regional Rural banks. IBPS periodically accepts the exam applications from the candidates at their website, and the exams are organized at various locations in the country in online mode. Aspirants have to go through interview process after clearing the online test conduct by the IBPS. On the basis of interview candidates placed in Regional Rural Bank.
So this was all about the IBPS PO and Clerk Salary. Hope now you would be aware of the salaries which IBPS bank offers to its employees according to their job locations and experiences. IBPS bank keeps in mind that its employees gets pretty much good salary for their career growth and also keep them giving different allowances. IBPS bank offers a great career and offers many promotions for the employees . Also its a thing of honor to work in India's leading government sector bank where each year many candidates try to be a part of the bank. For any queries or questions in mind regarding IBPS PO and Clerk Salary kindly ask below in comments.

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