Para Commando Officer Salary, Allowances and benefits

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Para Commando Officer Salary, Allowances and benefits

Have you ever wondered what would be the salary of Para (Special Forces) Commando officer's of Indian army. And the allowances and benefits they would be getting. Other than Pay scales, salary and allowances the things which make the life amazing of Special forces is the respect they get while wearing the "Maroon Cap". The way they are trained hard to be the best part of Indian forces so the pay perks given to them is also the same way. Para Forces are the forces which play a important role in crucial times so they are paid with amazing salary with the allowances according to their ranks and same with their benefits. In this article we have discussed regarding Para Commando Officer Salary, Allowances and benefits. Checkout the complete article.

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Para Commando Officer Salary, Allowances and benefits

Para Commando Officer Salary, Allowances and benefits

 Grant of Monetary Allowances Attached with various posts independence Gallantry Awards:

Govt of India has authorized Monetary Allowance to the recipients of various Gallantry Awards from time to time. In case the awardee has since expired, the widow/NOK in receipt of the family pension is entitled to this monetary allowance. The present rate of monetary allowance is as under :-

(a) Param Vir Chakra                          Rs. 3000/- pm

Each Bar to Param Vir Chakra            Rs. 3000/- pm

(b) Ashok Chakra                                Rs. 2800/- pm

Each Bar to Ashoka Chakra                Rs. 2800/- pm

(c) Maha Vir Chakra                           Rs. 2400/- pm

Each Bar to Maha Vir Chakra             Rs. 2400/- pm

(d) Kirti Chakra                                   Rs. 2100/- pm

Each Bar to Kirti Chakra                     Rs. 2100/- pm

(e) Vir Chakra                                      Rs. 1700/- pm

Each Bar to Vir Chakra                        Rs. 1700/- pm

(f) Shaurya Chakra                                Rs. 1500/- pm

Each Bar to Shaurya Chakra                Rs. 1500/- pm

(g) Sena Medal                                     Rs. 500/- pm

Each Bar to Sena Medal                       Rs. 500/- pm

  • Disability Element  30%of emoluments last drawn subject to minimum of Rs 3100/-pm for 100% disability. For disability less than 100%, it shall be reduced proportionately.
  • Service Element   Equal to retiring /service pension subject to minimum of Rs 3500/-
  • War Injury Pension   60% of emoluments last drawn subject to minimum or Rs 6200/-pm for 100% disability. For disability less than 100%, it shall be reduced proportionately.
  • War Injury Pension   (SE+WIE) shall not be exceed the reckonable emoluments last drawn for 100% disability.
  • Liberalised Disability Element     Service Elements & Liberalised Disability Element shall not be less than 80% of reckonable emoluments. 

Constant Attendant Allowance    Rs 3000/-pm Personal who are drawing 100% disability pension.


Para Commando Officer Salary, Allowances and benefits
 Other Allowances

   Dearness Allowance - According to percentage to be announced six monthly by the Govt.

  Transport Allowance:

                                       A1 CITY     OTHER CITY
Grade 5400/-                   Rs 3200/-     Rs1600/-
Grade 4800/-                   Rs 1600/-     Rs 800/-
Up to Grade 4200/-         Rs 600/-       Rs 400/-

Outfit allce for JCOs gtd Hony Commission On effective list.     Rs 6400/-

.Mufti allowance to Rects  Rs 400/-

Personal Maintenance & Hygiene Allowance :-   

(a) Non- Sikh Personal  Rs 60/- 

(b) Sikh personal  Rs 80/- 

 Acting Allce to JCOs

Acting in Capt vacancy   Rs 600/-  

Acting in Maj  vacancy   Rs 800/-

 Siachen Allowance:  
Rs 9334/- 

 Rum allowances :    

(a) Pea
ce Area  Rs 30/-  

(b) Fd Area below 3000 ft    Rs 70/-  

(c) Fd Area between 3000-4999 ft    Rs 100/-   

(d) Fd Area between 5000-8999ft   Rs 110/-

(e) High Altitude Area     Rs 160/-    

Children Education Allowance:

 Rs 1000/- pm per child maximum for two children.
Para Pay for PBOR    Rs 800/-

Special Force Allce :   
(a)  JCOs   Rs 8400/-

(b) Upto Hav  Rs 7000/-

Spectacle Allowance (one time payment)

 (a)   Normal Lense     Rs 130/-

(b)   Bi-focal Lense     Rs 250/-

 Para Reserve Allowance 

(a)    JCOs        Rs 200/-

(b)    Upto HAv  Rs 200/- 


1. It is applicable to all PBOR

 2. He should not have occupied  any Govt Md Accn.
3. Calculation of Family Accommodation Allowance HRA (10% of Band Pay) + Grade Pay + MSP.

1.Child should be studying  Nursery to 12th class.

2. CEA will be claimed through DO II on quarterly basis on the original recept and self certificate by PBOR concerned.   


1. A person should be a NCO (NK/Hav).

2. After attaining three yrs of service as a Nk will be eligible for 1st rate of GS Pay.

3. 2nd rate of GS Pay will be due after three yrs from the dt of 1st rate of GS Pay.

4. 3rd rate of GS Pay will be given to the rank of Hav only.  Min service reqd in the rank of Nk/Hav is 9 yrs.

5. Rates of GS Pay:-

(a)  1st   rate of GS Pay     -     64/-

(a)  2nd  rate of GS Pay     -     128/-

(a)  3rd   rate of GS Pay     -     192/-

6. The NCO should not have more than One Red ink entry during two yrs preceding the claim.

7. Should be clear from Red ink entry for one yr preceding the claim for grant of 2nd/3rd rate of GS pay.

8. Forfeiture/Restoration of GS Pay will be pub in Pt II order.

 Hope all your doubts would have been cleared now regarding Para Commando Officer Salary, Allowances and benefits offered to them. Surely after reading this article you would surely love to join Indian army and make a better future for your family members. From 1st January 2016, 7th Pay commission would be applied to the central government employee just imagine the salary of Para Commando Officers.

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Apart from the pay scale or pay band, Para Commando officers also get various allowances on traveling through railways, flights and many facilities like medical for whole family members, canteen facilities and many more which makes Special Forces officer career as well as their families lives one of the prestigious and secure. Also this things surely will make aspirants to be a part of Special forces options for coming generations. Liked our article share it and like us on Facebook for more updates on Para Commando Officer Salary, Allowances and benefits
Para Commando Officer Salary, Allowances and benefits
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