How to write Quality/Improved Story in PPDT/ TAT at SSB


How to write Quality/Improved Story in PPDT/ TAT at SSB

Hello Aspirants, looking forHow to write Quality/Improved Story in PPDT/ TAT at SSB. We have explained certainrules which are generally required to write stories in PPDT and TAT in SSB. Read the below article and also practice some stories provided below to improve your story writing. You have to be quick and confident about what you are writing in your stories. Read the whole article and read PPDT/ TAT Rules - SSB. Candidates feel free to ask below in comments regarding any queries or doubts.

How to write Quality/Improved Story in PPDT/ TAT at SSB


TAT is a test of imagination,in which a series of pictures are shown one after another .the candidate is expected to write a story in the given space around the picture describing what let to the picture & what happened afterwards.

PPDT/ TAT Rules - SSB:
How to write Quality/Improved Story in PPDT/ TAT at SSB

In the picture shown a scene is projected showing a situation upon which the candidate has to base a theme as he perceive in the scene of the picture .this becomes the basis of the central idea of the story .it is therefore a test involving story writing based upon the subject as observed or noticed by the candidate .

How to write Quality/Improved Story in PPDT/ TAT at SSB

This test was advocated by Prof. Murray of U.S.A. through his need-cum-press theory. According to which every human being has a need/faces a problem/faces challenges/has a goal/ and   which results into a press action(motivation).Press action involving mental &  physical effort leading him to perform various action. Actions aimed at satisfying the need/solving the problem/ overcoming the challenge/achieving   the goal respectively.
Therefore it is the theory of success. Only based upon the candidate own need,own knowledge about action in respective of the theme.

1. Twelve pictures are shown or screen including the last which is a blank picture & the candidate are free to imagine a theme of his own choice .

2.Time- (a) for projection of picture-30 sec to help the candidate to analyses element of picture,background, Infrastructure,action, hero, side character.

(b) for writing story - 4 minutes are given during which after 3 minutes it is announce 1 minute is more to enable the candidate wind up the story at the end of which it is announce " look at the next picture" till the last blank picture is showed in the end of which "stop writing" is announced in which the candidate should stop writing.

(c) length of story - The answer sheet in the SSB is marked serially for two stories in each page starting from 1-12.the story is to be written between serial 1 & 2 , 2 & bottom,3& 4,4 & bottom & so on.Without spilling over in to space for the next story or into the margins.A story less than 75% of the space is considered sketchy or skeleton,while more than the space becomes lengthy


Look at the picture  (Don’t Write use 30 Sec)
First see   the background whether it is rural or urban than give name to your hero and always make him a college going student or a young employee as u too a college student and than see the infrastructure and then create a problem and then plan and organize it with the help of your friends, seniors, colleagues or society people as a hero never work alone.

Points to remember:

1. Every candidate has to identify himself with the central figure for hero as seen in the picture according to his own gender and age.

2. The candidate should project himself in the hero & make him to act like himself.

3. The hero must have social/professional status such as-teacher, engineer, doctor, social worker.

4. The hero should have a name in according the time of the candidate; it should be name of a common men not of a famous personality.

5.The hero should have a personality-pleasant, practical, & positive showing cheerfulness, realism, and reasoning. Do not use words which show negative tendency such as at a lose, unhappy, worried, dilemma, anxiety, sad disappointed, kill, murder, suicide.


Based upon the elements discussed so far the candidate establish his theme or subject bases upon need , challenge , problems. Setting the target or goal for satisfying his need or to overcome from his challenge with out creating   miracles. This shows broad outline of the need pressing the hero to make efforts leading to the goal



The candidate describes "what led to the situation" (need+pressure+goal)

Middle part-70%

Describes what happen after wards,technically known as the journey of the hero leading the hero to achieve the aim. It involves all the action mental and physical efforts, methods, resources & their utilization to achieve the goal. All his action should show the factors of officers like quality to express his personality. His action show all the social aspects

End part-10%

Shows the result of the effort such as  full filled his target, reached his aim, satisfied his need , overcame the challenge ,giving a sense of achievement & service to the society without receiving or even expecting any price or reward or promotion.
Say-people liked his work or proposal, no thanks on the contrary hero give reward to the side character


1. Do not give title or moral of the story
2. Write story in third person singular only
3. If there is a negative picture convert into positive one
4. Do not use words-may , must, should , could ,ought
5. Write in a neat handwriting without cutting or over writing.

Example Picture: A person standing outside an office where a board of "no vacancy" is hanging outside the door or a person discussing with the friends

Raj was an intelligent student,he passed his graduation with distinction,but retirement of his father forced him to seek for a job and took responsibility of his family. He didn't dot any good job because there was no vacancy where ever he applied. But he doesn't give up & decided to start his coaching class with help of his friends. By virtue oh his wisdom and hard work & sincerity soon his institution got fame and became best in the city. He offered employment to many unemployed youths and help unfortunate & economical weak children   by offering free education. He guided his students for competitive exams and under his guidance many of his students get through the exams.

Below we have provided with some TAT Pictures for Practice. 

How to write Quality/Improved Story in PPDT/ TAT at SSB

How to write Quality/Improved Story in PPDT/ TAT at SSB

This is what basically How to write Quality/Improved Story in PPDT/ TAT at SSB all about. The key to success in SSB is your hard work, practice, honesty. Practice hard and keep yourself motivating regardless of what the odds are! For more details regarding preparation for SSB comment below also you can follow us on Facebook or Google for more updates regarding How to write Quality/Improved Story in PPDT/ TAT at SSB



  1. How to make the mind think creatively for writing different story.

    1. You need to read newspaper, novels, watching movies will help you too enhance your imagination to write the stories well!

    2. Yahh ,,,,
      Thts a good idea also,,# trisha sharma g ...
      We can also increase over imagination power by putting ourselves into the facts thts happened in over daily life ,,
      We need to think openly on it,,,,

  2. In TAT, would the story of 12 pics that will be shown to us linked to each other?




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