Indian Air Force Officers Ranks, Pay Scales and Allowances


Indian Air Force Officers Ranks, Pay Scales and Allowances

Hello, Looking for Indian Air Force Officers Ranks, Pay Scales and Allowances ? Candidates "Always wanted to be in Indian Air Force" ? Being in Indian Air Force gives you a chance to fulfill your dreams which you have always dream of. Wearing sky blue color uniform, having ranks on your shoulders, getting the salutes from your junior, flying the planes and doing adventurous things. Being a Officer in Indian Air Force is a thing pride serving for the country day and night. We don't have idea how royal life does this Indian Air Force Officers live by getting such a amazing pay perks with so many benefits and allowances.

Indian Air Force Officers Ranks, Pay Scales and Allowances:

Indian Air Force Officers Ranks, Pay Scales and Allowances

We often thing about how much do Indian Air force Officers earns and what are the benefits or allowances we can get being in Air force as a Officer. In this article we have tried our best and collected all the information about the different ranks and their pay scales in Indian Air force and also the allowances they are getting. Hope this article will help aspirants to get inspire and work hard to pursue their dreams to be an Officer in Indian Air Force. Aspirants go through the article and read it and surely you will like our article as we did while writing it for you. Surely it will help you to make your dream come true. Aspirants can follow us for more stuffs on Indian Air Force. Feel free to Comment below if you liked our article or if you have any questions regarding  Indian Air Force Ranks and pay Scales.

Indian Air Force Officers Ranks, Pay Scales and Allowances

Indian Air Force Officers Ranks, Pay Scales and Allowances

Flying Officer (Fg Offr)

Flying officer rank is the first and foremost rank awarded to all Gentleman Cadets and Lady Cadets on completion of their training. A Flying Officer of Indian Air Force gets 15600 rupees as pay band, 5400 rupees as grade pay and 6000 rupees Military Services Pay (MSP).

Indian Air Force Officers Ranks, Pay Scales and Allowances

Flight Lieutenant (Flt Lt)

Flight Lieutenant is the second rank of commissioned officers of IAF. After serving as Flying Officers for two years, IAF promotes a Fg Offr to Flt Lt. A Flt Lt gets pay band / scale in 15600 - 39100 rupees. Also a Flight Lieutenant gets 6100 rupees as grade pay and 6000 rupees MSP.

Squadron Leader (Sqn Ldr)

A Squadron Leader of Indian Air Force gets around 6600 rupees as grade pay. Pay band of Sqn Ldr is same as Flying Officer and Flt Lt. Also MSP received by Squadron Leader is 6000 rupees.

Wing Commander (Wg Cdr)

A Wing Commander of Indian Air Force gets pay band of 37400 - 67000 rupees per month. Grade pay of 8000 rupees and MSP of 6000 rupees.

Group Captain (Gp Capt)

Wing Commander is promoted to Group Captain rank. A Group Captain of IAF gets 8700 rupees as grade pay and 6000 rupees as Military Service Pay. An officer of Group Captain rank in IAF gets around one and a half lakh rupees per month as salary.

Indian Air Force Officers Ranks, Pay Scales and Allowances

Air Commodore (Air Cmde)

Group Captain rank officers are further promoted to the rank of Air Commodore. An Air Commodore rank officer of IAF gets 8900 rupees as grade pay and 6000 rupees as MSP.

Air Vice Marshal (AVM)

Air Vice Marshal gets 10000 rupees as grade pay. An AVM of Indian Air Force will not get MSP.

Air Marshal

There are two salary structure for officers in the rank of Air Marshal. First pay band structure is 67000 - 79000 rupees for HAG scale officers. Second pay band is 75500 - 80000 rupees for Apex scale officers. An Air Marshal does not get grade pay and MSP.

Air Chief Marshal

Air Chief Marshal of Indian Air Force gets 90000 rupees fixed pay band per month. Air Chief Marshal also does not get any MSP or grade pay.


Indian Air Force Officers Benefits given to commissioned officers:

In addition to the Pay & Allowances, Officers are entitled to Furnished Accommodation, Comprehensive Medical Cover for self and dependents, Leave Travel Concession, Leave (60 days Annual and 20 days Casual) subject to service exigency, supply of entitled rations, canteen & Officers’Mess facilities and many more.

Indian Air Force Officers insurance given to commissioned officers:

Rs 50 Lakh Insurance Cover (on contribution) is applicable to serving officers. Additional cover of Rs 10 Lakh (on contribution) is applicable to Flying Branch Officers.

Indian Air Force Officers Ranks, Pay Scales and Allowances

Indian Air Force Officers Traveling Allowance given to commissioned officers:

Traveling Allowance by the shortest route for AC-III Tier Mail/ Express Trains to and fro for the journey from the place of Call Up or departure (whichever is nearer) is admissible. Change of address, if any, must be intimated to the Board well before your arrival. You shall furnish the railway ticket/ bus ticket (hard copy) to the Board, failing which no TA will be paid. For all other modes of travel, TA will be admissible as per the government authorized rules. No TA is admissible, if you have already appeared for the same type of entry at any of the Selection Boards.

Leave: You will be entitled to an annual leave of 60 days and 20 days of casual leave.

Loans: Liberal loans from the Air Force Group Insurance Society are available to you for purchase of house, car and computer. Apart from that, you are also entitled to government loans and loans from the Indian Air Force Benevolent Association.

Indian Air Force Officers Ranks, Pay Scales and Allowances

Medical Facilities:
All personnel of Indian Air Force and their families are comprehensively covered by our medical facilities, including specialist services.

Recreational Facilities: As an Air Force officer, you are entitled to some of the finest facilities for recreational as well as competitive sports and other adventure activities.

Canteen Facilities:  As a member of armed forces, you are entitled to shop at concessional rates from CSD Canteens all over the Country

Opportunities For Higher Learning: As an officer, you are provided with ample opportunities for undergoing various courses to enhance your skills, whether in the field of computer technology, management sciences or military studies. You are also allowed special leave to pursue higher education.

Post Retirement Benefits After retirement: You are offered a large number of benefits like pension, medical facilities, use of the canteen etc.

Hope you liked our article on Indian Air Force Ranks, Pay Scales and Allowances . Being in Air Force is to fly high in the sky to fulfill your dreams. Aspirants will be truly inspired by reading our article how much Indian Air Force earns and the allowances given to them. Officers surely live a Royal Life in Indian Air Force. Work hard to get through and live a amazing life. Candidates can follow us on Facebook and keep visiting our page to know more about Indian Air Force Officers Ranks, Pay Scales and Allowances Feel Free to comment below in comments for any questions or queries.




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