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Dear candidates who are going to appear for exams can prepare for General Awareness Questions. Just try to read and practice such questions to clear exams.



01. Under which Article of the Constitution can an individual move to the Supreme Court directly in case of any violation of Fundamental Rights ?

(A)  Article 32
(B)  Article 28
(C)  Article 29
(D)  Article 31

02. The Dandi March of Gandhi is an example of

(A)  Direct Action
(B)  Boycott
(C)  Civil Disobedience
(D)  Non-Cooperation

03. Which one of the following is a warm ocean current ?

(A)  Kurile
(B)  Canary
(C)  Labrador
(D)  Gulf Stream

04. Which one of the following cities and the personalities associated with their establishment is wrongly matched ?

(A)  Pondicherry - Francis Martin
(B)  Ahmedabad - Ahmad Shah I
(C)  Madrash - Francis Day
(D)  Calcutta - Robert Clive

05. Which one of the following wars decided the fate of the French in India ?

(A)  Battle of Wandiwash
(B)  First Carnatic War
(C)  Battle of Buxar
(D)  Battle of Plassey

06. The Crimean War came to an end by the

(A)  Treaty of Trianon
(B)  Treaty of Versailles
(C)  Treaty of Paris
(D)  Threaty of St. Germain

07. The longest river of peninsular India is

(A)  Krishna
(B)  Kaveri
(C)  Narmada
(D)  Godavari

08. Moraines are formed in

(A)  River deltas
(B)  Arid regions
(C)  Glacial regions
(D)  Monsoon region

09. The Himalayan mountain range is an example of

(A)  Volcanic mountain
(B)  Residual mountain
(C)  Block mountain
(D)  Fold mountain

10. A cellulosic wall is found in the cells of

(A)  animals
(B)  bacteria
(C)  fungi
(D)  plants

Answers key :
1. A
2. C
3. D
4. D
5. A
6. C
7. D
8. C
9. D

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