10 Sureshot tips to Clear Screening test at SSB

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Clear Screening test at SSB:

Hello aspirants, thinking how to Clear screening at ssb which is a first hurdle of SSB.
SSB Consists of two parts of tests Stage I and Stage II. Screening is the Stage I part of testing which is concluded in the first day or the second day of SSB.Aspirants going for the SSB should be aware of the procedure at the SSB which will help them to clear SSB in the first attempt. 

Screening test constitutes of an intelligence test, a picture perception test, which is followed by  a group discussion where a panel of officers would be evaluating you. The intelligence test consists of verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning questions, which are designed to test your intelligence quotient.

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 The picture perception test will judge you on the basis your approach and the way you look at various things. In this test you will have to write a story based on a picture that will be shown to you. After that you will be taking part in a discussion, in which you will speak about your story and then you will have to discuss it with the group. Based on these tests, it will be decided that you will continue your SSB journey or will be kept out of the process. In order to strengthen your chances, please read the suggestions below.

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Clear Screening test at SSB

10 tips to Clear Screening test at SSB

Clear Screening Test at SSB

1. Practice really well for the Intelligence Test. Only practice can do it for you, if you want to get a high score in this test, which will increase your chances of staying in SSB. Mathematics and English - these are the two subjects that will help you a lot in getting through this test. It is not a difficult test but in case you do not prepare well, it could reduce your score.

2. In Picture Perception Test, where a picture will be shown to you for 30 seconds, will judge your perception towards the outer world. Based on the picture you will have to write a story. Make sure that you present a imaginative overall narrative.

3. While going into the discussion room, and during all the time that you spend there, do not look at the officers.

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4. Make the right posture while sitting on the chair, in front of the officers. Also, make sure that your walk is appropriate, as they will notice that as well.

5. The most important thing is how good you speak and discuss during the discussion. Turn by turn each participant will have to narrate his story and listen to the others. Please note that you are supposed to speak in English. In between you can use Hindi, but you will have to get back to English as quickly as possible.

6. Listening is an important art, which many candidates ignore and therefore, do not get selected. Listen really well, while others are speaking.

7. When the real discussion begins, try to speak as early as possible. If you can begin the discussion, that will be best. You should coordinate really well with the group and make sure that the discussion reaches a good conclusion, within time limits. Keep a tab at the time.

8. There are some people who are shy to speak. Help them to express themselves in a better way. Remember, this is a good opportunity to show your leadership skills.

9. Do not get angry at any point, in the discussion. Maintain your calm throughout and have a smile on your face. Your gestures should be very much professional. Act like an officer.

10. Throughout the day, maintain good behavior and be friendly with everyone. This is again a point which many people miss but it matters a lot. All your behavior matters in SSB. Do not miss any opportunity to show your gentleman ship.
This was all about 10 tips to Clear Screening test at SSB. Hope you liked our article that we have shared important points by some experts. Keep this in mind before going to SSB. For more updates on SSB keep following us on Facebook. Feel free to ask below in comments for any queries or question on Clearing Screening at SSB.

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