60 Important AFSB Interview Questions

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 AFSB Interview Questions | Technical Questions asked in AFSB | Clear AFSB.

 Air Force Selection Board (AFSB) interviewing panel is looking for candidates who fit in well in their pre requisites. It’s a market, where they are looking forward for assets for their organization, and you, candidates, are these assets. You are supposed to present yourself in such a manner that they are convinced that you will be a very valuable asset to them and to this country.Interviews are being conducted by the Indian air force at various AFSB centre across the country, aspirants especially freshers, do not get confused between SSB and AFSB interview, both are same, in short SSB interview conducted by Indian air force is called AFSB interview where AFSB stands for Air Force Selection Board. Here is the list of important questions being asked at AFSB interview which would help you to prepare for AFSB.

AFSB Interview Questions

60 Important Interview Questions in AFSB

Interviewer will start with your Personal Questions like about you, Parents, what they do, Siblings, what is he doing, your Hobbes, your education qualification, Friends, Teachers, about your academics etc which will be completely based on your PIQ what have you written. Besides this Interviwer also checks your knowledge about Air Force. We have listed below some important questions asked in Personal Interview at AFSB.

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60 Important Interview Questions in AFSB

Interview Questions in AFSB:-

  1. How did you prepare for AFCAT written exam?
  2. Why do you have low marks in AFCAT written exam?
  3. Why is your 12th % is less than 10%?
  4. What do you know about Indian Air Force?
  5. What is the best fighter plane Indian air force has?
  6. What engine is being used in TEJAS?
  7. What do you think about the capability of TEJAS?
  8. Do you know what is Apache and Chinook? Explain?
  9. What are your thoughts on Apace and Chinook deal?
  10. Explain how an aeroplane flies?
  11. Tell all ranks of Indian air force?
  12. Tell all ranks of Indian air force in reverse order?
  13. Tell all ranks of Indian air force by skipping one in between alternatively?
  14. Why it took so much time in TEJAS induction?
  15. How can you help Indian air force?
  16. One thing you would like to improve in Indian air force?
  17. How is your qualification going to help Indian air force?
  18. How did you prepare for AFSB interview?54 Important Questions Asked In AFSB Interview
  19. What are your future plans?
  20. How do you spend your time daily, explain in detail?
  21. Tell 3 negative qualities in your father?
  22. Tell 2 bad and 2 good qualities of your best friend?
  23. What are all competitive exams you have written with scores?
  24. Tell 5 qualities of TEJAS/Apache/Chinook?
  25. How many commands IAF has, name them all?
  26. What went wrong in your last attempts? Explain.
  27. How do you spend your salary/pocket money?
  28. Who is marshal of Indian air force?
  29. What is the full form of CPSS?
  30. Do you know where you are going to get trained if get selected for Indian air force?
  31. Being an engineering student why are you applying for flying branch?
  32. Explain Bernoulli’s principle?
  33. Do you know what is AWACS?
  34. Do you know the contribution of Indian air force in Kargil war?
  35. How does radar work?
  36. What is a RLC circuit?
  37. What are the latest defence deals you know about?
  38. What is the difference between a cruise missile and a ballistic missile?
  39. How many missile TEJAS can carry?
  40. What missile/weapons do we use in fighter aircraft?
  41. Name 2 transport aircrafts?
  42. Which trainer jet we are using currently?
  43. Why you did not apply for NDA?
  44. Why did you fail in NDA exam?
  45. Why you did not apply through CDSE?
  46. Why did you Fail in CDSE exam ?
  47. What do you know about COSC (Chiefs of Service Committee)?
  48. What is India’s defense budget?
  49. What will you do if you do not get selected here?
  50. Why ISRO is launching satellites for other country? Name these countries?
  51. What do you know about Nirbhay cruise missile?
  52. Explain about Agni VI?
  53. What is intercontinental ballistic missile?
  54. What is mach speed?
  55. What do you know about Rafale?
  56. Why do you want to join Indian air force? (Most Important Question *)
  57. What if you are not recommended this time ?
  58. Tell me any recent exercises Air Force did ?
  59. What are your Future Plans ?
  60. How much will you rank yourself out off 10 ?
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This was all about 60 Important Interview Questions in AFSB . Candidates kindly prepare for this questions because it may be asked in Personal Interview. For more tips and guidance keep visiting our page. Also can follow us on Facebook. Feel free w regarding AFSB interns.

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