Clear NDA Written Exams in first attempt


Clear NDA exams

Hello Aspirants, Looking on How to Clear NDA exams. Don't worry in this article we have explained every single thing on how you can prepare for the nda exams. If you are not aware of the exams procedure you can also checkout all the topics listed below. You can read the complete article and prepare yourself accordingly as the ways provided below. For any questions or queries can ask below in comments. Checkout how you can Clear NDA exams.

Clear NDA Exams:

Clear NDA Written Exams in first attempt

Clear NDA Written Exams in first attempt

“Fire in the belly leads to success “- as they say will help you to clear NDA exam, my friends. The UPSC conducts NDA Exam twice a year. One in February and the other one in September/October. The cut off will decide your entry to NDA. For candidates who are appearing for the first time this exam includes 3 papers, i.e. Mathematics and General Ability test (English & General Knowledge). One needs a rigorous preparation to clear NDA exam. You'll know how to do it as we proceed with this article of how to clear NDA exam.

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NDA Exam Syllabus: 

Subject              Subject Code     Duration     Max Marks

Mathematics             01                 2.5 hours           300
General Ability         02                 2.5 hours           600

PAPER-I Mathematics (Code No. 01)(Maximum Marks - 300)
2-Matrices and Determinants
4-Analytical Geometry of two and three dimensions
5-Differential Calculus
6-Integral Calculus and Differential equations
7-Vector Algebra
8-Statistics and Probability

PAPER-II General Ability Test (Code No. 02) (Maximum Marks-600)

Part ‘A’ - English (Maximum Marks 200).

Part ‘B’ - General Knowledge (Maximum Marks-400)

  Section ‘A’ (Physics)

  Section ‘B’ (Chemistry)

  Section ‘C’ (General Science)

  Section ‘D’ (History, Freedom Movement etc.)

  Section ‘E’ (Geography)

  Section ‘F’ (Current Events)

NOTE : Out of maximum marks assigned to part ‘B’ of this paper, questions on Sections ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’, ‘E’ and ‘F’ will carry approximately 25%, 15%, 10%, 20%, 20% and 10% weightage respectively.

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Clear NDA Written Exams in first attempt

1. Aspirants should know all the subjects and the lessons which will be asked for your NDA exams. NDA exams focuses on mainly various subjects English, General Knowledge & Mathematics. Candidates should be well known with all the lessons which will be questioned in the exams.

2. For your English Paper candidates should start reading English newspaper which will do 80℅ work for you in clearing your English paper easily and helping you to score maximum marks. Rest 20% candidates have to go through the Synonyms ( meanings) and Antonyms ( opposites) of words which are essential for you to score marks in English Section. Rest all things are covered from reading newspaper, watching English movies, News channel etc.

3. Now in General knowledge section this will cover a huge section candidates generally try to clear the sectional cutoff in this section as it covers a vast portion. In this you have to read books of class 8th to 10th of subjects History, Geography, Science, Politics, Economics and Current affairs from web or from our site. This section needs knowledge about your basics. So have to pay keen attention to this section.

4. Moving ahead is your Mathematics section. This section covers maths question up to your 12th class. Candidates have to learn all the basic formula which will help them to solve the questions quickly and correctly. 'Practice makes man perfect' as it is said this will help you in this section.

5. Aspirants are requested that they should also go through the previous year question papers so that they will be aware of the paper and the type of questions which are asked in NDA exams. Candidates can also download the previous year question papers to clear NDA exams.

6. Most valuable thing which will help you to clear NDA exams is your books, e-books, notes, guides, etc from which you prepare yourself. Candidates should according to the subjects should prefer for books and should work on each section in NDA exams. If you need help or not aware of the books which one to be used you can also buy books and practice question papers sets online which will surely help you to clear NDA exams. - Buy Books

7. At the end we always get many questions regarding current affairs which consist of 30% of general knowledge paper. Candidates are confused as they don't know what they should study and till where. So we would like to tell you just focus on the news which is 6 months back. NDA exam paper consists of current affairs generally of armed forces news, newly launched missiles, army, navy, air force exercises, newly appointed ministers, new laws or bill passed or any recent big news, themes of that day etc. Is is is safe to give out bank account number.Doing this much will help you to easily answer maximum questions. 

8. Start your studies right now this is the correct time. Don't think like your academics paper which you can clear in one night. Seriously this will take hard efforts to clear exams. And your aim should not be only to clear cutoff but also to clear NDA exams cutoff with good marks so that you don't have any problem in your merit list. So aspirants this is the golden chance you have got to live your dreams. Get up and make that happen.

9. Lastly, after all this tips the most important CONFIDENT which you should be while solving the NDA paper. Many of times it happens that you have studied for the question you are solving but you are not ready to answer it or you are afraid if you answer and it is wrong which will affect your result. So you have to be confident while solving paper and this will happen if you follow all the above 9 golden tips which will make you confident to clear NDA exams.

 Below we have discussed on some tips which will help you to clear different subjects in NDA exams.

Clear NDA written Exams:


First of all we'll talk about English. Generally the paper is easy if you are well versed with English. But if you are not, don’t worry, you can still clear it. There is a pattern that is followed in this exam. There are certain things which come for sure. These are Antonyms and Synonyms, Comprehensive Passages, Spotting the errors, Jumbled Sentences and Ordering of sentences. Now if you follow a planned approach towards the exam you can easily clear NDA exams.

1. Synonyms and Antonyms- People think there are n number of words in the vocabulary, how on earth is it possible to know them all. However, the smart way to catch hold of this portion is to Pick up the previous year’s NDA question papers and take a note of all the words that have been asked. Now write them on blank sheets one by one. Trust me when you do this, half of the work is done. Because mere reading them from the book won’t help you remember them. so when you do this, the words remain in your mind for a longer duration. Second step is memorizing. Have you ever tried early morning studying? Yes. I'm talking about getting up early in the morning and just reading those words which you have written. Give them a glance. Then try remembering them. Third step is to use these words in your routine. For e.g.- I try to use these synonyms or antonyms in my conversation as far as possible. Be it Facebook chat or whatsapp or your face to face conversation with your friends. Because when you do so, they stick in your mind. The reason behind this is, when we use these words in our daily communication, our brain tends to form an image related to the conversation in which you have used the words in particular. Like you are sitting on a bench in park with your friend and while talking you have used a word, then next time you hear that word, you'll immediately remember the word and hence will be able to answer it correctly. So this is how you crack this exercise.
2. Spotting the errors- We all know that finding faults in others is in the nature of humans. Haha... So why not put it to better use and clear NDA exam? This exercise consists of sentences divided into four parts and one of them has an error or no error in the whole sentence at all. This exercise is completely based on grammar. So the basics should be clear.There are various rules regarding grammar. Usually we talk slang English and tend to go by them in the exams too. This is the line where most of the people go wrong, even though there spoken English is good. The rules based on Noun, pronoun, tense, phrases, adjectives etc all are given in that book. Plus it has sample exercises too. Now what you have to do is, first, carefully read the rules written in the book and try to memorize them. And then start solving them one by one. Initially you will be able to solve only a few but over a period of time you will solve most of them. This is based on practice, so please practice.

3. Jumbled sentences- These are quite tricky. One needs to read the sentence first. The trick here is do not try to solve the question all by yourself, don’t try to find the sequence all by yourself. NDA has given you options, just apply the options and one of them will be correct. Most of the candidates try to bring out the sequence and then the look for the matching option. This consumes time and hence they find it difficult to score in here.

4. Ordering of sentences- This is a bit tough as compared to all other exercises. The best way to solve this is to take the question as a narration of a story. That way your brain starts thinking more accurately. Same trick, apply all the options and find out the correct one.

Apart from these regular exercises, there are some questions like sentence improvement, fill in the blanks with appropriate words, etc. You see, when you thoroughly read and practice spotting the error exercise, all these miscellaneous questions are taken care of, so no need to worry much. Just focus on the main four exercises because these are the ones where you can score maximum.

Okay. Now in addition to these, you should listen to English songs. They will enhance the receptivity of your brain as far as English is concerned.

English Section is generally where candidates can easily score maximum marks if they are good in their vocabulary and reading habits. simple English questions are asked in NDA exams which can be easily solved if you have solved previous years question papers or practice from the books available to clear NDA exams.

During the exam- the moment you get the question paper, go through it, just give it a glance, and have a good feeling about it. My personal experience says that if you have a positive feeling that you can successfully solve the paper then your chance to clear NDA has a high percentage.


Moving on to the part of General Knowledge, this is the section where candidates call it as unpredictable questions. But the beauty about this paper is , candidates belonging to all the streams have an equal opportunity to solve this paper. Like students of science, commerce and arts can solve them easily if they have the right approach. In this paper, a pattern has been followed over these years. The portion of science holds 30% marks, Current affairs- 20%, geography- 20%, polity- 20%, history- 10%. This is the usual pattern. The candidates are worried about current affairs the most.

1.Current affairs- put to use all the resources. Magazines like Competitive success review, Competition 360, etc. (links) Make notes wherever necessary. Read from internet and newspapers. And always be systematic in your work. Do not make notes in a haphazard manner. There should be heading and some detail about it. And if possible, try to read and write so that you have some idea about the news with the first writing itself.

2.History- Thoroughly read the book pathfinder. The reading should be normal. Don’t stress yourself with the first reading itself, like what are the dates, who what when….. The best way to know about history is…. “His-story”. Read it as if it were a story. Actually it is a story if you see it from one angle. After you are done reading the whole syllabus thrice, now go ahead and start off with making datelines. As you know there are three parts in history, i.e. Ancient, Medieval and Modern. Make notes, like give headings, subheadings and some details. When you are done with the first 2 parts, and come to modern history, you will have to have a different approach. Here start with making notes about all the governor generals and viceroys. Their tenure, what all happened during their reign, who all were the eminent personalities then, etc. And then come the revolutionary movements. One by one just make notes about all these movements led by our freedom fighters. This way, you can cover up the portion of history.

3. Geography- This is the most interesting subject of all. Just reading this subject apprises you of what all is there. Again give it a reading, once, twice, thrice. No need to make notes as this subject is easier than others and just reading will help you remember it. However, there are certain things on which needs focus, For eg- Physical features of India- Mountains, Rivers, their deltas and estuaries etc.

4. Indian Polity- This is the toughest of all. Here, mere reading won’t help. The level of English used here is technical. The words of Civics or polity need to be comprehended first. Also the questions asked from this portion are application based. So one needs to be thorough here. Never go by here and there information regarding polity. This is a very sensitive subject and one small silly mistake can cost you an  answer. Our constitution is divided into three parts. 1. Legislature 2. Executive 3. Judiciary. Read from the book about all three and have some basic knowledge about what it is actually about. Most of the people get confused regarding the working of the union govt and a state govt. Start making your notes.

5.Economics- This subject needs just a reading. The book has enough knowledge. Make sure you read about our 5 year plans, economic terms, Census- most important.

6.Science- Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Regular science stream students have the advantage here, but other students too can score well here. The concepts involved in this subject are basic so read from the book and get your basics clear. Then start solving previous years question papers. There is not much to mug up her, its science… so start off with solving sample questions. This will help you beforehand to score well and clear NDA exam.

In this section candidates are requested to just read all the books of CBSE board of class 8th, 9th & 10th which will make them strong in their General Knowledge paper subjects. This subjects needs all the basic knowledge of History, Geography, Politics & General Science. This section is almost which cannot be covered easily you have to go through a lot of books so kindly pay a keen attention to this section.


The question papers in the last few years have been tough! Not that the difficulty level is raised but the questions are lengthy, hence consume time. Most of the candidates consider this subject as a scoring one, and indeed it is, but where they fail is, they don’t practice enough. This is not a subject where you can go with the attitude of last minute reading or glance. Here you need to put in long hours and solve maximum no of questions in stipulated time. Trigonometry, Integral Calculus and Differential equations, Vector Algebra Focus on these topics more. Also solve previous years question papers, that too in time limit. 

In Mathematics Section candidates are required to learn all the formula which will be helpful to solve all the questions and to practice the questions more and more to get use to it which will help to increase the speed of solving the sums and improve your accuracy. Candidates need to focus on the quesrions which they can solve it more quickly and easily. If some question is taking time you should skip that question and focus on the other one this will save your time and avoid negative marking if you select the wrong answer. Just follow some steps and be confident while solving the maths paper.This will make you land scoring good marks in math’s and hence you will clear NDA exam.

Clear NDA Written Exams in first attempt

Getting your basics right: Since a lot of topics are covered in the exam, its best to keep them prepared. Study your class X books from Geography to History.

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 Getting your English right: Work on the foundation of your English writing and speaking skills, work on your grammar, since the exam has section of English it’s better to prepare it. Also, speaking good English will help you in interview.

 Start working on your health: To get through the latter two stages of the exam you must be absolutely fit, and health is not something that can be built in a matter of days, you have to continuously work at it.

 Setting a time table for everything: time is everything when you have so much on plate, learn effective time management techniques.

 Read Newspaper on a daily basis: Reading aloud has massive improvement in English speaking skills; also it will help with hesitation in public speaking which few people might have. The other benefit is that you will stay afloat on general education and current affairs that will help you with written and interview alike.

Candidates are requested to start preparing for NDA written exams with the above given sureshot tips to clear the NDA exam. Daily study and practice will surely help you to achieve success in the examinations. Also appearing candidates can download the previous year question papers for guidance and start solving questions which will help you for time management from the link provided below.

 keep following Jobsfundaz  for NDA exams study materials and notes which will help you for exams we will be updating our page for you. Generally NDA results is announced in 3 months after exams so keep visiting our page for latest updates and notifications we will update on our page once its officially announced.

 Any Queries or questions in mind regarding NDA exams or SSB feel free to ask below in comments. Candidates want to share there ideas or tips on how to prepare for NDA exams kindly share with our readers below in comments. If you have some more amazing ideas or tips to clear NDA exams kindly share with our readers which will have them too. If aspirants have some notes of any subjects can also comment below hope it will help your friends to clear NDA Exams.

Hope this article will help you in clearing your NDA exam paper. Candidates are requested to appear for the exams with full of hopes and confidently which would help you a lot to clear NDA exams. Candidates should be confident with the answers they are going with and don't loose hopes for the exams. We know it's not a easy task to clear exams but remember "Nothing is Impossible" so just chase your dreams and just focus on the exams after that its all your comfortable life with full of respects and honor. It's always take some time to be successful it's not in a day or a week you have to make yourself fully dedicated towards the exams and surely it will come true. Just be positive and hope for the best and clear NDA exams!!!!
Good luck!!! 


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