AFCAT 2015 : General Science Quiz

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Hello readers, In this article AFCAT 2015 : General Science Quiz we have given various practise questions for written exams. Candidates are requested to go through the questions below. For any questions in mind feel free to ask below in comments.

AFCAT 2015:

1. Washing soda is the common name of —

(A) Calcium Carbonate
(B) Calcium Bi-Carbonate
(C) Sodium Carbonate
(D) Sodium Bi-Carbonate

2. The filament of electric bulb is made of —

(A) Iron
(B) Nichrome
(C) Tungsten
(D) Graphite

3. Bleaching powder is made from —

(A) Sulphur dioxide and gypsum
(B) Chlorine and Charcoal
(C) Soda ash and lime
(D) Lime and Chlorine

4. The two elements that are frequently used for making transistors are —

(A) Boron and Aluminium
(B) Silicon and Germenium
(C) Iridium and Tungsten
(D) Niobium and Columbium

5. Which of the following gas is not known as green house gas ?

(A) Methane
(B) Carbon dioxide
(C) Nitrous oxide

6. Which of the following is not a neutral oxide ?

(A) Carbon Monoxide
(B) Sulphur Dioxide
(C) Water
(D) Nitric Oxide

7. Which of the following is used in making smoke bombs ?
(A) Sulphur

(B) Phosphorus
(C) Hydrogen
(D) Carbon

8. Caustic Soda is —

(A) Nacl
(B) Na2CO3
(C) NaOH
(D) NaHCO3

9. Chemical formula of Water glass is —
(A) Na2SiO3

(B) Al2O3
(C) NaAlO2
(D) CaSiO3

10. Which of the following is not a bleaching agent?

(A) Sulpher di-oxide
(B) Carbon di-oxide
(C) Sodium hypochlorite
(D) Chlorine


1 - (C)
2 - (C)
3 - (D)
4 - (B)
5 - (C)
6 - (B)
7 - (B)
8 - (C)
9 - (A)
10- (B)

Hope you liked our article for AFCAT 2015: General Science written exams questions and answers. Practise with such questions we will be updating daily with different sections practice questions. Any queries ask below in comments.

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