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Hello Friends! Most of the students lack behind in Competitive Examination due to bit of knowledge of writing skills and Written Exam Techniques for Competitive Examinations. If you know about the Secret Tips & Tricks to prepare for Competitive Examination, then you can easily gain an excellent score during the exam to assure your selection. So today we are going to share with you some of the tips and tricks to write your exam papers within the time limits.

Secret Tips & Tricks for Written Exam:

Study Material

First of all, the most important thing you should do is that get the latest and updated study materiel to start your preparation. The latest and updated books include the latest exam pattern and syllabus that you should know very well for a good preparation.

Guide Factors

Every Exam covers a particular pattern like number of questions and sections, exam duration, condition of negative marking, type of exam (subjective/ objective or both). The candidate should keep all these factors in mind while doing their preparation to gain an excellent score.

Expert Guidance

Expert supervision is crucial while preparing for a competitive exam. With the help of expert guidance, candidates can get the proper knowledge about the exam subjects and also get a help to solve previous year papers, difficult test papers.

Time Schedule

Candidates should prepare a well-planned time table to allocate their study hours in relevant subjects in order to cover all the topics in the concerned subjects. Schedule your time in such a way that you can give appropriate time to each subject regularly and efficiently.

Make Notes diary

Candidates can create a notes diary to make self-preparatory notes for an easy and good preparation. This will definitely enhance their confidence, make their fundamentals more clear and strong and augment success in an exam.

Importance of Revision

Students should do revision of all concepts, chapters, formulas which is very essential from the examination point of view. Infact, revising the prepared chapters of the concerned subjects with in every 2 months while doing preparation will always lead to best results.

The night before your exam day, you must ensure your checklist as follows:

    Get enough sleep and eat well.
    Check the time & place of the exam.
    Check all equipments that may need in examination hall such as – pens, pencils, calculator, water etc.
    Ensure your ID card, Dress to wear the night before.
    Set your alarm clock to get-up early in the morning.

Before taking your entry into the examination hall, you must ensure that day the following:

    Eat Good breakfast.
    Check all those equipments you may need before exam.
    Get some fresh air on the way if possible.
    Arrive at the exam room before time.
    Take water to the class room.
    Turn off your mobile.
    Listen carefully to the examiner before tackling your exam.

Following points should be considered while you are in the examination hall:

    Read all the questions carefully. Plan the time
    Keenly concern with grammar and vocabulary.
    Don’t feel ashamed to ask from the examiner if you are getting confused.
    Your handwriting should be legible to understand but if it is difficult to get then improve it from now.
    Sometimes an unclear writing may convert the whole meaning of a paragraph or the message you want to convey to the finder.
    Illustrate your points with examples.
    Manage your time while doing exam.
    Maintain your speed with correct answering.

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We hope that you follow the above tips and tricks for competitive examination properly and prepare accordingly to get an excellent score. Your success lies in the fact that how much dedication and hard work you can give to your preparation to affix your selection. Prepare well and do well.
Good Luck!

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