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Hello readers, In this article CDS, AFCAT 2017 GK Quiz we have given various practise questions for written exams. Candidates are requested to go through the questions below. For any questions in mind feel free to ask below in comments.

CDS, AFCAT GK Quiz 2017:


1. Constitution of India came into force in

a) 1956
b) 1950
c) 1949
d) 1951

2. Cold War refers to

a) ideological rivalry between Capitalist and Communist world
b) tension between Superpowers
c) tension between East and West
d) All of the above

3. Select the High Yielding Varieties of seed-crops developed under Green Revolution in India.

a) Maize, Black-gram, Jowar, Coffee and Tea
b) Rice, Wheat, Jowar, Bajra and Maize
c) Wheat, Rice, Sugarcane, Pulses and Maize
d) Rice, Wheat, Pulses, Oil seeds and Sugarcane

4. In which year did Amartya Kumar Sen receive the Nobel Prize in Economics ?

a) 1995
b) 2000
c) 1990
d) 1998

5. The worldwide Great Depression took place in

a) 1929
b) 1928
c) 1930
d) 1936

6. India is the largest producer and consumer of

a) Tea
b) Coffee
c) Sugar
d) Paddy

7. A camera in the hands of a professional photographer is a ___________________.

a) Intermediary
b) Consumer
c) Capital
d) Free

8. Which among the following movements was not led by Mahatma Gandhi ?

a) Swadeshi Movement
b) Non-Cooperation Movement
c) Civil Disobedience Movement
d) Quit India Movement

9. Name the Commander of the Arab army who conquered Sindh.

a) Qutubuddin Aibak
b) Allauddin Khilji
c) Muhammed bin Qasim
d) Al Hazzaz

10. Who was the chairperson of the Chinese Communist Party at the time of liberation of China?

a) Deng Xiaping
b) Mao Zedong
c) Liu Shaoqi
d) Zhou En-lai


1 - (B)
2 - (D)
3 - (B)
4 - (D)
5 - (C)
6 - (A)
7 - (C)
8 - (A)
9 - (C)
10- (B)

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Hope you liked our article for AFCAT 2017 GK Quiz written exams questions and answers. Practise with such questions we will be updating daily with different sections practice questions. Any queries ask below in comments

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