What to write in a blank Story ? - TAT - SSB

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What to write in a blank Story for TAT ?

Hello Aspirants, Many candidates have questions in mind about what to write for TAT blank story part so we have taken the initiative to help the candidates to clear SSB. Read the tips and guidance about the blank story what it tells about you if you are not given any situation. Checkout the complete article and know about what you should be writing for blank story in TAT at the SSB interviews. For any queries feel free to ask question in below comments we will be glad to help you!

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The blank story is a part of the Psychological/ psychometric testing. It is the last slide shown in the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT). The blank slide is shown to you at the last. It is done so that you can imagine and create up a story and write it down on the answer sheet. Check below for guidance regarding blank story TAT.

What to write in a blank Story ? - TAT - SSB

What to write in a blank Story ? - TAT - SSB

What to write in TAT blank Story ?

What to write in a blank Story ?

Following are the points to be kept in mind while writing the blank story in TAT:-

1. Write down a happening of your life, like the marriage anniversary of your parents, a picnic with your family, an adventurous outing with your friends, a birthday party that you organized etc.

2. Do not create a problem or a situation all by yourself and then go on solving it, describing about the officer like qualities in the story.

3. It is a blank slide and when the assessors haven't shown you or given you a situation then why do you want to create it and give your solutions? Just write a simple story, a happy one with a joyful conclusion.

4. Many of us have this doubt that should we prepare a story beforehand or we just go with the flow and think about the story on the spot and write in down there in the TAT test?

5. You have the power of deciding it. But what I would suggest is, nothing is to be left to chance. You should prepare a nice story, yet a simple one and write it down at the time of your testing in the SSB.

6. However, do not prepare a story wherein you use book language. Do not try to use difficult words in the story. The language and the wording should be so normal that when the assessors read it, they should find it gelling with all the other stories that you have written in the answer sheet. It should go with the flow. Hence, you should practice to write such a story first, and then decide which one to choose, so that you can write it down in the actual test.

7. One second thought about it is that what if the 12th story which you have already prepared beforehand, does not fall in line at all with the rest of the stories you have written in the test? What to do in such cases. The answer is , your rigorous practice for months will automatically help you in creating up a good story in the actual test.

8. That is why I emphasize on practicing the tests. Write and write as much as you can. It will give you the power of expression. Also, it will improve your handwriting and your speed of writing.

Hope you would have liked our article on What to write in a blank Story ?. keep this essential points in mind and prepare in that manner for SSB. Also like our official Facebook page for latest updates and notifications. For any critics or Questions feel free to ask below in comments regarding what to write in TAT blank story.

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