Success Golden Rules: Patience and Persistence

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Success Golden Rules: Patience and Persistence :

Success Golden Rules: Patience and Persistence

Patience and persistence are two qualities i would least associate myself with, so it quite weird for me to write something about it,
as many people have said patience is indeed an essential quality but it is found in very less people, I mean common how do you measure patience? Do you measure it in levels or time period or what? It is different for every individual.

All of us know the saying “Revenge Is the Dish Best Served Cold”…

I am in awe of these people who take this saying seriously I mean how come they have all this patience, they wait so long for something so, might I use the word “Sinister”? , it’s too much it’s just waiting for something like revenge so long it seems so silly, as far as I am concerned if someone antagonizes me I antagonize them right back, no waiting. I mean who ever can wait that long is a talented person so why not use that talent and focus on your own life. Wouldn't being successful be the best revenge ever if you wait really that long. You can be Successful in all aspects of your life.

When you believe in something you stick to it and do not change your opinion about it no matter how many obstacles you face that’s persistence.
Am I a persistent person? No not at all. I am in constant state of war with myself in my mind. I mean I have no idea how to stick to one of my decisions I am constantly changing my answers sometimes it’s a yes and sometimes it’s a no.
I just envy people who can be that patient or persistent, I mean how do they do it? And let me tell you its not just people who are persistent or patient
We have all been told the tale of the tortoise and hare.

Patience and Persistence

The one in which the tortoise won the race.
And he did it because he believed that he could finish the race, you just have to believe in what you want passionately.
And we all know the moral of the story:
Slow and steady wins the race.
Our tortoise believed that he could win and so he did he was persistent as well as patient.

Patience and Persistence
Here’s another example,Just look at that tiny plant I mean it’s trying to win a war against our cement jungles and it broke through the cement that’s the power of persistent and something which should inspire us daily I mean when that tiny little sapling can fight for its life and be persistent and patient about it than why can’t we?
We can use these qualities almost everywhere in life, business as well as personal I mean if you want certain someone show that person you are the only one right for them be persistent but not so persistent that you turn into a stalker just the right amount of persistence and be patient with them if they are really what your want there should be right amount of persistence and patience.
So thank you guys for reading it. It is something that everyone should have , something that I know I should have too but I am just too lazy…

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