How to Impress Interviewing Officer at Personal Interview for SSB

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How to Impress Interviewing Officer at Personal Interview for SSB-Interview is an interaction with the interviewing Officer through which he checks the same qualities which are being checked by the Psychologist and the GTO respectively. He asks general questions related to individual’s service, family, schooling, friends, hobbies, interests, sports etc and information furnished by the individual in his PIQ form.

The interview process followed at the SSB is based on Behavioral Interview Technique. Here, the interviewer establishes a friendly association with the candidate through his informality and then probes your past behaviors to extrapolate your likely behavior in the future.

The whole Interview is based on the most important form you fill in the beginning of the SSB- PESONAL INFORMATION QUESTIONNAIRE (PIQ). He heavily banks on it. You should not make tail claims in the interview if it is not reflected in your PIQ. Restrict yourself to whatever you have written in the PIQ.-Download PIQ

How to Impress Interviewing Officer at Personal Interview for SSB ?

How to Impress Interviewing Officer at Personal Interview for SSB

Impress Interviewing Officer at Personal Interview

Below we have discussed some important points which will be very much helpful for you to show your best part in the Personal interview many points will be very much familiar to you but this small things also plays a important role in the SSB as the IO will judge with all those small things and some times we become over friendly with the Interviewing officer at start behaving like a friend and forget that we have come to be interviewed and not to take interview which gives the IO a negative impression about us. So aspirants checkout the points below and give your views on this in below comments. Lets check how to Impress Interviewing Officer at Personal Interview ...
  •            Wearing of Tie is optional.

  •         As soon as the Interviewing Officer calls the candidate for interview, seek his permission very humbly e.g. “May I come in, please sir” and wish him according to time in very respectful manners.

  •            Look very cheerful and walk confidently towards the chair provided for the candidate. When the IO asks to sit down, sit upright on the chair and be comfortable.

  •             Be original, honest and attentive.

  •             Listen the questions very attentively and answer accordingly.

  • .        Maintain eye to eye contact while answering. Don’t look upward-downward or sideways.

  •            Give correct and factual information/answer. DO not bluff. If you do not know the answer of any question, simply say “Sorry Sir I don’t have knowledge of this” instead of giving wrong answer.

  •        While answering, speak confidently and loudly with smiling face.
  •          Do not criticize anyone.

  •        No complaints, comments, suggestions on testing, food, accommodation rather express thanks and gratitude.

  •        If they invite action, say “No thank you very much, sir”.
These are most essential qualities, manners Interviewing officer looks in a candidate at SSB. Aspirants are requested to follow the above mentioned tips to impress the Interviewing officer at the SSB. Keep this things in mind and answer confidently to all the questions asked. For more SSB guidance and tips follow our official Facebook page. For any critics or questions feel free to ask in the comments below. For any questions regarding How to Impress Interviewing Officer at Personal Interview  kindly comment below
All the very best!

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