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Clear Screening | How to get Screened In for SSB ?

Hello Aspirants, looking for Clear Screening for SSB . SSB tests are divided into two Stage I and Stage II testing. Screening is Stage I testing is the main hurdle if you want to be recommended in the SSB. This tests wil decide if you are staying for five days or would be sent back as the bus is ready for you. Aspirants have to be confident to clear this test and should not be nervous if the Officers see you nervous and your hands are shaking you will be seeing yourself in that bus soon.So friends just remove all that fear if you are fresher too they wont eat you they will be continuously looking at you during screening but you dont have to see them just keep doing your work. Screening tests which includes OIR (Officers Intelligence test) and PPDT ie Screening. Candidates can read the article below and know about how to clear Screening at the SSB. Feel free to ask question in below comments.

Clear Screening for SSB

The Screening Test or also called as the Stage 1 testing, is the first test. The lot of candidates is put through it, which comprises of two intelligence tests (Verbal and Non Verbal) followed by PP&DT(Picture Perception and Discussion Test).

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The Intelligence tests are similar to IQ tests conducted in any admission/ entrance exam. Based on your performance in these two tests, your intelligence rating is derived and this put together with your performance in the PPDT will decide your selection for the second stage testing. These tests usually involve grammar, verbal analogies, synonyms, antonyms etc. Because they depend on understanding the precise meaning of words, idioms and the structure of the language, they require practice and regular reading of newspaper and books. You will get 45 questions, and 30 minutes to solve these.

Clear Screenning  for SSB ?

Clear Screening for SSB - Clear SSB

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Moving on to the more important test, i.e. PP&DT- This is a simple yet powerful test to filter the desirable candidates for the second stage testing.. Here the candidates are shown a hazy picture for 30 seconds and thereafter 4 minutes are given to write a story. One is required to identify the number of characters, age, sex, mood and then go on t write a story bringing out the situation perceived in the picture, what must have led to the situation and what the likely outcome of the situation is. Aguidance regarding minutes of break, the candidates are divided into the groups of 15-20. They are made to sit in a semicircular fashion and narrate the story one by one.
Example for PPDT, such screens will be shown for screening tests:

Clear Screening for SSB - Clear SSB

Now , Following are the important points to be kept in mind:-

When you see the hazy picture, try to see how many persons are there.

See if the person whom you want to make the main character of your story is a male or a female.

Please, stick to the picture and form a story in your mind. Do not try to complicate the situation by overthinking about the picture. It is your simple perception and not mugged up stories beforehand.

See the picture for complete 30 seconds and observe the details. What most people do is the moment they see the picture, they start off with writing the story. This is where they make a mistake. When you do so, the chain of thinking will be hindered and you might not be able to continue the story in a very presentable manner.

Instead take your time to think about the story for 30 seconds, rest 3 minutes and 30 seconds are more than enough for you to write the story.

Do not scribble, write legible handwriting. Remember, your first impression is the last impression.

After you are done with this, don’t take the break as a break for it is your time to practice the narration of your story. Immediately, find a corner and try recollecting what all you have written and then start narrating the story to yourself.

Keep repeating it at least 10 times.

Now when your turn comes, speak firmly, confidently, without stammering or using any fillers like "aaa....umm...." Keep it simple and short.

During the discussion, do not try to jump off. Listen to other people's points. Add your own points. Do not repeat points. Be humble, if the discussion is way too heated up, do not hesitate to bring it down by saying, "Gentlemen, let this be a friendly and healthy discussion and not a fish market."


The Group Discussion in PPDT is same as that of the ones in GTO series. We have observed every time, even in our day to day lives, that whenever we start a discussion something with someone, disagreement and conflicts bound to appear.

Disagreement causes dissatisfaction, disapproval and emotional disorder. Disagreement further means disapproval. To handle this, you need skill. How you react to a contradiction, as everyone is in competitive mood is the plot of interest for the assessors. The System wants to see your reaction against contradiction. Whether are you able to be emotionally stable? Or are you able to maintain the degree of patient listening?

Differences are bought and bound to happen and one should have the emotional stability to resolve the emotional disturbances and emotional disorders.

What is required to be done?

The Group Discussion warrants and invites your arguments. The assessors would like to see as to how much mentally cool and composed are you. The moment you speak — your tone, your selection of words, your gesture come which further create your acceptability in the group. Please do not seek an opportunity to stop the discussion. Qualities will come when the discussion ¡s alive. If you are able to draw the discussion in your favor, taking the consideration and the interest of your fellow members, that too with acceptable gesture and emotional order, you would hold a high chance to sail ahead.

Managing the contradiction is more important rather than entering into contradiction. Being mentally composed means to remain cool, calm, balanced and lively to maintain the harmony.

Body language is an indication of your intention and mental language. Body language should not overpower your words. Without body language, you become neutral. The combination of speed and accuracy makes you sharp, intelligent and speedy.

The existence of Leadership is to manage the Crisis. The Crisis may be of any nature or at any place.

The role and responsibility of the basic intelligence is to decide and enhance your predictive value. Power is one of the psychological needs. Power is balanced by power. The structure of the society requires power and our very existence is to manage crisis.

The main thing that will get you recommended in the Stage I is whether you speak or not. It is generally seen that aspirants with good stories, being rejected, and equally with normal stories being selected. The person who speaks considering the interests of the group gets recommended to stage II testing. They are interested in those aspirants, who will show their qualities in the next 5 days and not the ones who do not have enough confidence to do so.

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If you follow the above mentioned, you will definitely clear the screening test. For any critics or questions feel free to ask.Like our official Facebook page and get more SSB tips and guidance regarding Clear Screening for SSB - Clear SSB

Good Luck  to all of You!

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