Cure Knock Knees Problem for Entry in the Indian Armed Forces


Knock Knees Problem

Hello Aspirants, looking for Knock Knees for SSB. Many candidates have a questions in mind about what is exactly knock knees so we would help you to know about the different exercises and natural treatments for knock knees. In this article Cure Knock Knees Condition for Entry in the Indian Armed Forces we would be talking about the treatment about knock knees which can be easily cured with some daily exercises which you can follow to make yourself fit for Indian armed forces as per the medical standards. Read the article and know about the cure for knock knees and also share with your friend if he is suffering from it. For any critics or Questions in mind feel free to ask below in comments.

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Cure Knock Knees Problem

Cure Knock Knees Condition for Entry in the Indian Armed Forces

What is knock knees ?

Knock knees is a condition in which the knees touch, but the ankles do not touch. The legs turn inward.The scientific name for knock knees is “Genu Valgum”. i.e. While standing straight, the two knees touch each other. If this touches each other mean, then the candidate is declared as having "Knock Knees".
Cure Knock Knees Condition for Entry in the Indian Armed Forces
How they examine this in Medical board or Defence Medical Test ?

     Usually the knock knee test is conducted by an Orthologist.  He conducts this check by examining the candidate while he is standing straight.  Also, if the doctor gets any doubt, they will conform this with a help of an X-ray.

My knees touch each other when I stand in attention position ? Do I have a knock knee?

No you don't have knock knees .Do not be afraid. The condition of knock knees is applicable if your knees bones are touching each other. If only your skin/upper flesh is touching each other then you do not have a knock knees. A person with a knock knee will have problems in standing with both his ankles touching each other. So don't worry about it. And if you think you have knock knees follow the below given exercises daily you will see the results in a month.

Cure Knock Knees problem

1. Cycling :
Cure Knock Knees Problem
Daily cycling for 20-30 minutes would help you a lot for treatment for knock knees. It would help you naturally for making a gap between your knees while just riding bicycles. If you already have cycles start cycling daily in a month you would able to see a huge difference.

2. Keeping Pillow between your Legs:
Keeping Pillow between your Legs:

 Keeping pillow between your legs which sleeping, walking or sitting has been found the best and natural treatment for knock knees without going for any operations. Keeping pillow between your legs will make a  difference between your knees which will cure your knock knees automatically. Keeping pillow daily for 15 minutes would surely help you and you can see the results in a month.

3. Straight Leg Lift:
Cure Knock Knees Condition for Entry in the Indian Armed Forces

Straight Leg Lift would surely help you a lot to tighten your thigh muscles in the straight leg and lift it about a foot off the floor and hold for five seconds. This exercise would help you surely to cure of knock knees.Make sure you keep your back relaxed Repeat the leg lift at least two times on both sides. Daily 3 sets of Leg lift would make results in a month.

4. Side Step-ups:

Cure Knock Knees Problem

Side step-ups is another good treatment for knock knees it will require the use of a weight bench or chair. Stand with your right side facing the bench and your arms in front of your chest. In a steady motion, place your right foot on the bench, press down and lift your body in the air. When your right leg is straight, hold for a second, lower yourself and repeat. After doing 10-12 times, of 3 sets switch another way.

5.Wall Squats :

Cure Knock Knees Problem

Wall squats is effective exercise we have got many positive results from this.Stand with your back to a wall and your heels far enough away so that when you slide down the wall to a squat position, your knees are in line with your toes. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart, and you should squat to 90 degrees. Keep your stomach muscles slightly contracted as you hold the squat for 5-10 seconds. After improving stamina increase squat timings coninuing this will help a lot too for knock knees.

6. Lying Abduction:

Cure Knock Knees Problem

 Lying abduction is done from a side-lying position. Lie on your right side with your legs stacked. In a steady motion, lift your left leg at a 45-degree angle to the floor and hold for a second. Slowly lower your leg, repeat for 10-12 times with 3 sets. Lying abduction would also help you with correct knock knees position.

7. Horse Riding:
Cure Knock Knees Problem

Horse riding would guaranteed help you a lot for knock knees. If you can afford horse riding then you should definitely go for knock knees. Its a best and result oriented sport which would automatically help you to cure knock knees. If not affordable you can practice the rest exercises which are also best and natural treatment for knock knees.

8. Butterfly Exercise: 

Cure Knock Knees Problem
Butterfly exercise is a another treatment for knock knees which would also help you a lot. This just helps to stretch the thigh muscles away and make is strong naturally making a gap between your legs. Try
this exercise with 10-15 times of 3 sets would make to cure knock knees. You can see the results in 1 month.

9.  Side Lunges:
Cure Knock Knees Condition for Entry in the Indian Armed Forces

Side lunges would be a warmup and also best knock knees treatment exercise it works for your thigh muscles.Stand with your feet hip-width apart and your arms in front of your chest. When your foot comes to the ground, bend your knee, and push your butt backward. Follow the image for further exercise tips. Continue this exercise 10 to 12 times. Also you can do this exercise using a ball to concentrate on the exercise.

So this was all about the treatment of Knock Knees Condition for Entry in the Indian Armed Forces so you would have liked our article for naturally exercises for curing knock knees and all your doubts would have been cleared for the questions how to cure knock knees ? We have listed some of the best exercises which have been found result oriented from experts who have tried them and achieved it. So we advised to daily give 1 hour for exercises and make your dream come true. If you know any other exercises other than this share with us in the below comments. For any critics or Questions in mind feel free to ask below in comments.Also follow us on Facebook for more updates and latest notifications. For any questions on Cure knock knees problem for SSB comment below.


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