SSB: Self Description Guidance

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Hello aspirants, We got many questions regarding doubts for Self description for SSB so readers can kindly follow the article and make yourself aware of different questions asked in self description for psychology tests which would help you to answer personal questions about yourself what are the different opinions of your known people. For any queries or doubts comments are welcomed.


SSB: Self Description Guidance

SSB: Self Description Guidance

This is a test wherein you are supposed to write about yourself as the title of the test describes itself. In this, you need to write about yourself keeping in mind 5 aspects. These aspects are as follows:

What your parents think about you?
What your teachers think about you?
What your friends think about you?
What you think about yourself?
What kind of person you would like to become?

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Now remember, this is very tricky. Most of you will find this one easy as it becomes super facile to write about yourself when asked to do so. But you need to keep it in mind that the assessors are well aware and they observe and analyze each of your answers/responses. So don't go on bluffing and bragging about yourself. The point I'm trying to make here is you should be utmost neutral, humble, polite, down to earth. Why??? Because, if you write fancy stuff about yourself here, that you are a very hard working person, a helpful person, courageous and etc , the first thing the assessors are gonna do is they are gonna match your responses to the PIQ form you have filled in.

And if for instance you have not done good in your educational background or social life, then it puts a question mark that why have you written that you are a hard working person when your grades are simply telling the truth? So be truthful to yourself and write accordingly to only what has happened in your life. Be bluntly truthful and honest.Write this test with application of your mind. Be realistic in your writing. This does not require such a rigorous practice but yes time and again keep checking your answers every time you write and see if they are matching or not.

Examples for Self Description - SSB: -

Self Opinion: -
I am optimistic, candid and and a responsible boy.  I want to do my things successfully.  I am confident with my thinking and have the ability to convince my surroundings with my points.  I exercise regularly to keep myself fit.  The game  I  play now is Volleyball.  My hobby is blogging.  I want to take care of my people and want to keep them happy. Things I want to improve are, I want to develop my technical skills, and also I am working on that now by putting extra time.

Friends Opinion: -  
My friends see me as a practical person as I put forward my points being outspoken.  They feel happy and secured when I am with them, since I am able to handle situations easily.  They like my helping tendency in education and in other situations of life.

 Teachers Opinion: -
 My teacher see me as an above average student in studies and good at obedience. Also they like my participating attitude in extracurricular activities.  They say that I am good at mathematics and lovable person at class as I have lot of friends.

 Parents Opinion: -
My parents see me as a responsible boy as I have been supporting my family after degree by working and also they have a lot of affection on. I have given them a good name in the society.  They believe in me and think that I will achieve my aim of becoming an officer in the armed forces, and they are completely supporting  me in achieving that.

Another example of this exercise is as follows:-

Parents opinion-
My parents love me and trust me. They think I am a responsible person with good qualities. They think I am reliable and are dependent  on any outdoor task and are sure that the work will be done. They tell me to maintain a balance between my studies and sports. They feel optimistic with my presence. They feel I am affectionate and friendly.

Teachers opinion-
My teachers are of the opinion that I have been a sincere and obedient student. They know that I am good at organizing events and work in teams, hence they trust me for conducting various events. They have always told me to balance my studies and outdoor activities. They think I will do good in life.

Friends opinion-

My friends love me and enjoy my company. They think I am an uncomplicated person and a trustworthy fellow. So they share all their feelings with me. They love my simple nature and feel that I am loving, caring and cheerful. They think I am a helpful person and will do good in life.

Self opinion-
I am a high average and hard working person. I have good qualities with some weaknesses. I believe in God and feel that every religion is equal. I maintain good health by exercising regularly, running and playing basketball. I meticulously maintain hygiene. I love playing synthesizer and spending time with my loved ones. I live my life in a simple way, enjoying every moment.

Kind of person I want to become-

I want to be a successful person through sincere and sustained efforts. I want to join the army/air force/navy as an officer and serve with dedication, being duty conscious.I want to earn good name to my family and take care of them. I am interested in learning French. I want to be a better shooter in basketball and improve my dribbling skills. I want to achieve greater proficiency in playing instruments and in communication skills.

This was all about Self description for psychology tests in SSB so kindly prepare for such questions all the aspirants and make sure whatever you write should be in simple English and not a bluff write what you think is right about you. Interviewer can easily determined your answers according to your body posture so be truthful and confident with your answers. For any queries or questions in minds regarding SSB: Self Description Guidance feel free to ask below in comments.

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