SSB Personal Interview Important Tips and Questions

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SSB Personal Interview Important Tips and Questions | SSB Interview Guidance

The interview process followed at the SSB is based on Behavioral Interview Technique. Here, the interviewer establishes a friendly association with the candidate through his informality and then probes your past behaviors to extrapolate your likely behavior in the future. 

Personal Interview Important tips and Questions :-

SSB Personal Interview Important Tips and Questions

The whole Interview is based on the most important form you fill in the beginning of the SSB- PESONAL INFORMATION QUESTIONNAIRE (PIQ). He heavily banks on it. You should not make tail claims in the interview if it is not reflected in your PIQ. Restrict yourself to whatever you have written in the PIQ.

Personal Interview is a good chance for the candidate to create a good impression and shows your ability and dedication to join the force. Also its very crucial so do not try to bluff if you don't know how to, and always be natural and relaxed because it will be very simple and to the point about your personal life, so try to know yourself better and people around you . Always prepare for the PERSONAL INTERVIEW before attending SSB Interview because you know the type of question generally asked by the Interviewing Officer.

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There is a sequence followed by the interviewer:

•    1. Casual talks.
•    2. Family background.
•    3. Educational background.
•    4. Social background.
•    5. Stress situation.
•    6. Casual talk.

1. Casual talk-
The interviewer will welcome you and ask you to take your seat. Greet him with a smiling composure and sit only when you are asked to. He will ask you how was your journey, how is the stay at SSB, the food and all. It is done just to make you comfortable, and bring down your nervousness.

2. Family background- In this he will throw a ball of questions at you. This is going to be a rapid fire round wherein you will be asked 15-20 questions at once. You are expected to answer these questions keeping in mind what all has been asked. For instance, he may ask you, “Please begin by telling me about your family. Your parents, sister, brother, grandparents etc. what does your father and mother do? What is the annual income of your family? How do you spend time with the members of family? Who are you close to and why? Whom do you approach when in difficult situations or problems? What do you like and dislike in your siblings ? How do you meet your monetary requirement? How do you spend it?"

Have a systematic approach. Remember, he has asked you to tell about your family. So tell him everything about your family. Start from your father, talk about him like his name, occupation, income etc. Then about your mother and then siblings and grandparents. Then tell him how do you spend time together, your routine. How you help your family members. Now, just be normal and say that you love your family and everyone equally. Do not go on saying that i dislike so and so activity of my sister or brother. This will bring your impression down directly.  See the idea is, he wants to know how is your behavior in a small organization such as your own family, so that he can figure out what will be your behavior in the organization of a huge scale, i.e. the Army. If you keep cribbing about your family members then how can he expect you to gel up with others in the Army? So, avoid complaining about your siblings and just say that everything is good. Then talk about your pocket money/ earnings. Wisely explain him how you spend your money and on what all you spend it? Be organized at every step, it will reflect your systematic approach.

3. Educational background- Again a rapid fire round will be there. He will be interested in knowing about your educational qualifications. How you performed at various grades. Why is the score high/low? What all are your favorite subjects and why? Which subjects do hate? Who is your favorite teacher and who is not and why? How was your education financed? Who did it? Etc. Start with your schooling in 10th onwards. Tell him all the answers without any hesitation. Speak the truth. Accept bluntly if you have scored lees marks then you didn’t study for it. If there is any other reason, you may state it straight forward. Do not give excuses. Don’t go on telling him that you didn’t like some teacher. As a matter of fact, you should never say it. The answer is very simple. The subject in which you have scored the highest becomes your favorite and the one in which you have got least marks becomes the poor subject.

4. Social background-
Here, he will ask you about your hobbies, interests, friends, co-curricular activities etc. Tell them about it. Do not unnecessarily start explaining, until asked to do so. Simply state whatever has been asked.

5.Stress Situation- Now, this will be a little bit heated up. He will through at you a situation where in your stress handling capabilities will be checked. For instance, he may ask you that, “you are going on a walk, and suddenly you see a person lying unconscious on the ground. What will you do?" Depending on your answers he will try to pressurize you. Following demonstrated conversation may help you.

He- what will you do in this situation?
You- I will take him to the hospital?
He- how?
You- in an auto rickshaw/bus.
he- no public transport is available because of the strike.
You- I will take the help of passing vehicles.
He- there is no one around. what will you do?
You- I will pick him up and immediately take him to my house, and ring up the doctor.
He- the mobile network isn’t working, now what?
So this is how he will try to push you. But do not panic or give up. He knows that there is an answer to whatever he asks, so you just think about it and answer it with confidence.
6. Casual talk- Now he will conclude by asking you if you have any questions to ask. Please say, NO SIR. Don’t go on asking questions. He will wish you luck and you are required to leave.

Apart from all this, he may ask some questions in between:-

  1. Do you have a girlfriend?
  2. Do you drink/smoke? Why?
  3. Why do you want to join Army/ Air force/ Navy?
  4. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  5. What would you like to improve in yourself?
  6. What is your name, meaning of your name, meaning of other member’s names in your family, compare yourself with them, name of place you come from, currently what are you doing?
  7. What type of friends you like, what type you do not like, where have you gone and where would you like to go with your friends, why are these people your friends, describe your best friend, compare him with you (appearance, height, texture, thinking, something common in both of you), their hobbies and interests, their way of living life and what do they want to achieve in life.
  8. Why do you want to join the defense forces, if not defense then other options, how did you come to the conclusion that you want to join the forces? Did you try for NDA, why didn't you succeed? Why proper efforts were not given?
  9. Give 5 current national and international political news.
10.  Give 5 current national and international sports news.
 11. How would you organize a football match /hike/cycle race/local   festival/trek/swimming competition?
12. Why were you weak in some specified sphere, how did you cope up with it?
13. Have you taken coaching, why, what sort of?
14. Your life in college, any memories, what is the difference between your friends at from the place you are coming from and SSB center. If given a chance what would you like to change in your hometown or the place you are coming from (Geographical, economical, agricultural, tourism, traffic etc.) ?
For e.g.- Compare your hometown and hometown friends with friends in Pune   and Pune as a place itself. Have you ever come before to the SSB center previously? Which places did you visit at the SSB place?
15. When did you have argument with your father, mother or sister?
16. When did u cry last time?

In case of the repeaters- 
Do not think that repeaters are not considered equally as Fresher, apparently repeaters have more chances.
They will ask you about your opinion regarding your past performance, they just want to see whether you have the capability to judge yourself or not and your performance in the past attempts.
So just think about your performance and tell them where you were lacking earlier and what sort of measures you have taken to perform better in future.
Always accept your earlier drawbacks and try to work on them, yes you have more chance to get recommend if you have analyzed what you need to do.

Give examples for any incidences that you are going to explain. Speak in relevance to your Self-Description test and PIQ and do not give fakes. Speaking is an art, whatever you speak give proper punctuation, gestures and emotions as necessary in your speech.


Hesitation at the time of answering will cause a bad impression, never tell lies and give a full explanation of your family, friends, education, current life, future scope, and with an example for each.
All these questions need to be answered honestly. Be prepared, as he will try to probe you. Be truthful and sensible.

This was all about SSB Personal Interview Important Tips and Questions for our readers kindly follow the tips given above and start preparing for the SSB. For any details or queries comments are welcomed.

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