How to activate WhatsApp Calling Feature ?

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Nowadays, everyone around seems to be excited about the news related to activation of  WhatsApp calling feature. All the college guys, Office staff, Students etc are excited to have a new updation seen in whatsApp about the free calling feature.Many of you would have a question in minds how to get that done as soon as possible so just follow the simple ways which are described below to activate the free calling.

All would be eagerly waiting to start Free calling as well on Whatsapp after free messaging. Now it would help many guys to share their feelings, emotions on voice calling too. So you would be having questions how to get that free calling on whatsapp, how to start with the calling features so just read the article which would definitely help you to get your work one in no time.

Activate WhatsApp Calling Feature:

Whatsapp calling feature

Firstly, visit Play store search for WhatsApp then click on update and update it. It would take sometime after updating whatsApp you won’t get activation for calling feature. Now you guys would be thinking why you are not able to call even after updating whatsapp that’s the thing which is amazing now.

Second thing you have to do is tell any of your friend or family members who have got the activation for whatsApp calling feature already to give you a call on whatsapp. You have to just receive a call from them and your WhatsApp calling feature will be activated automatically. Now just open your friend account u want to call you can see at upper right corner a calling sign next to the attachment file option. Still waiting for someone to call first, Start calling!

Whatsapp calling feature

Features of WhatsApp calling Update:

- Smooth
- Fast calling
- Also Works on 2G network
- No extra Calling rates
- Time consuming
- Clear voice
- No disturbances

Many of the times it happens that you want to discuss very important thing with your friend and you end up with your balance and you are left with only Packet data so it’s a best thing to continue talking with your friends now without any worries. I hope you have already updated your WhatsApp and got your calling feature activated so kindly help those who haven’t got theirs. This would surely help in many ways for our young generation in any difficult or emergency situations to deal with the problems so start calling and enjoying with whatsapp.

Soon whatsapp latest updates would be seen with many call updations like conference call or Video calling which is only the thing left after the calling feature which would make this application as the best ever android application on play store it is still the best app ever seen or used which has been downloaded by many users all over the countries. Let’s hope for the best in future for the more exciting updates for whatsapp which would make our social life more easier ,happier, comfortable and most important free of cost messaging and calling over internet.

So Enjoy have a great conversation with your friends  without worrying about call rates and different recharges to lower your calling charge rates. For any queries or doubts related to whatsApp calling feature or activation comment below.Wish you all Happy free Calling.

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