15 OLQ's - Officer Like Qualities for SSB

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15 OLQ's - Officer Like Qualities for SSB

Hello Aspirants, today we would be discussing regarding 15 OLQ's - Officer Like Qualities for SSB which are essential qualities to become a officer in Indian armed forces.There are certain qualities on the basis of which you are judged in the SSB. These qualities help the assessors in evaluating your performances and portray a better picture regarding your personality. They are called as Officer Like Qualities (OLQs). So go through the complete article and read regrading the 15 OLQ's to become a Officer in Indian armed forces. Also you are requested to keep following us for more tips on SSB. For any questions or critics feel free to comment below in comments.

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15 OLQ's - Officer Like Qualities for SSB

15 OLQ's - Officer Like Qualities for SSB

15 OLQ's - Officer Like Qualities for SSB

They are divided into three categories: 

(a) Mind  (b) Heart  (c) Dynamic

(a) MIND:-

1. EFFECTIVE INTELLIGENCE- It is utilized in coping with practical situations of varying complexities. It is different from basic intelligence which is the capacity to perceive relations or to do abstract thinking. Basic intelligence is assessed by the use of intelligence test. The Effective Intelligence includes Practical intelligence and resourcefulness.

What is Practical Intelligence?

It is the capacity to evolve independent solutions of practical problems and situations.
What is Resourcefulness?
It is the capacity to put to the best use all the available means for achieving the goal. Ti may be said to contain two factors:- *Improvisation of a solution & *Finding a solution when in a tight corner.

2. REASONING ABILITY- It is the ability to grasp the essentials well and to arrive at a solution by rationale thinking. It includes, *Receptivity, *Inquiring Attitude, *Logical Reasoning, *Seeing the essentials of the problems.
*Receptivity- It is the ability to understand and absorb new impressions. It involves interest, attention and grasping power.
 *Inquiring Attitude- It is the healthy curiosity resulting in an urge to increase one's general knowledge and experience in life. 
*Logical Reasoning- It is the ability to arrive at conclusions/ judgements, based strictly on a process of rational thinking and excluding emotional factors. 
 *Seeing the essentials of the problems- It is the ability by which the individual is not only clear in his knowledge of the situation at hand but also able to analyses various factors, sift them in order of importance and make best use of them towards achieving a solution.

3. ORGANIZING ABILITY- It is the ability to arrange resources in a systematic manner so as to produce effective results. It can also be defined as the ability to put to the best use the available means for attainment of a desired result.

4. POWER OF EXPRESSION- It is the ability to put across one's ideas adequately with ease and clarity both verbally and in writing.

(b) HEART:-

5. SOCIAL ADAPTABILITY- It is the ability of an individual to adapt himself to social environment and adjust well with persons and social groups with special references to superiors, equals and subordinates. It includes- *social intelligence- is the intellectual ability applied in the social field, also the ability to understand people. *attitude towards others- It is the ability to put yourself in the other man's position so as to appreciate justifiable difficulties in order to render help in a proper way. *tact- it is the skillful management of the feelings of the person dealt with.  *adaptability- It is the ability to adjust to the environment with special reference to social situations in that environment. When considering service aspect, it involves not only the resilient nature but also keenness and interest in service life.

6. COOPERATION- It is the attitude of an individual to participate willingly and in harmony with other in a group for achieving the group goal. This implies a belief more productive than the individual effort. It includes the element of joint effort and team spirit. Team spirit indicates loyalty to the aims and objectives of the group to the extent of subordinating individual aim to group aim.

7. SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY- It enables a person to be dependable and to willingly discharge his obligations. It includes sense of duty but is much more comprehensive in meaning and scope. It implies: *Sense of duty- which means faithfully and firmly doing what one is ordered to do. *Discipline- a trained sense of acting strictly in accordance with the rules, regulations and conventions. This factor promotes development of self control and keeps you within the bounds of social and normal standards. It means-
•    Thorough understanding the values of duties, social standards, and what is required of an individual, then to give it full energy and attention of his own accord.
•    Doing your best, carrying out given unspecified and probably unforeseen duties and obligations rather than faithfully doing what you are told to do.


8. INITIATIVE- It is the ability to originate action. The ability to take the first step and to act first, usually and in a subsequently emerging new situation.

9. SELF CONFIDENCE- It is the faith in your ability to meet stressful situations, particularly those that are unfamiliar.

10. SPEED OF DECISION- The ability to arrive at workable decisions expeditiously. It comprises- *appropriateness of the decision arrived at, *the quickness in arriving at the decision.

11. ABILITY TO INFLUENCE THE GROUP- It is the ability which enables  an individual to bring about willing effort from the group for achieving the objective desired by him. This influence is the prime cause of cooperative and willing effort of a group towards achievement of objective desired by him.

12. LIVELINESS- It is the capacity of an individual to keep himself buoyant when meeting problems and bring about a cheerful atmosphere.

13. DETERMINATION- Continuous efforts to achieve the objective inspite of the obstacles and setbacks. It implies fixity of purpose, mental concentration and strength of will. It includes- *application to work which is the capacity of physical application to work. *drive inner motive power at the disposal of the individual. Its the capacity to force yourself along when under pressure and urgency towards the achievement of objective. It may inspire energetic action in others towards the achievement of a common goal.

14. COURAGE- It is the ability to appreciate danger and take purpose risks willingly. It includes- *ability to meet appreciated danger, *spirit of adventure, enterprising spirit and a willingness/ desire to dare a risk, a  hazard, *capacity to keep yourself composed in adverse situations, enabling one to be steady in facing and handling such situations. Courage may be of 2 types- *Physical and *Moral.

15. STAMINA- The capacity to withstand continuous physical and mental strain. It emphasizes endurance.

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This were the 15 OLQs Officer like qualities needed for SSB which every interviewer looks for the cadet who comes for the SSB. So try to inculcate this qualities in your daily schedule and practice for personal interview. For more about SSB details keep following us and Like our official page of Facebook. Also for any questions regarding 15 OLQ's - Officer Like Qualities for SSB kindly comment below in comments.

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